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Hi there,

I have recently designed a website for my dads business.  At the moment it
uses frames but as I have been reading a lot of posts I have noticed frames
are a bad thing to use.  I almost have an updated version of the website
without the frames.

Now to my question.  When I do a search in Google for thepicturegallery all
one word it returns the site as 3rd in the list.

How do I get it so that when I search for other related words such as
photographer in Hartlepool it returns our website?

I have put some the below on the main page.

<meta name="keywords" content="Hartlepool, Professional, Portrait,
Photographer, Photography, Wedding, Children, Family, Pet, Group, School,
Proms, The Picture Gallery,  Photographic Studio, Digital Photography,
Digital, Restoration, Model, Portfolio, Commercial, Industrial, Passport,
Visa, Injury, Insurance, Robert Allison, Master Photographers Association,
Picture, Framer, LMPA, MPA" />

<meta name="description" content="Photographer and Picture Framer, Children
Family and Pet Portraits a speciality. Fully equipped modern Studio .For the
very best in Wedding Photography call Robert Allison at The Picture Gallery,
Hartlepool, TS26 9HR, Tel(01429) 264900" />

Am I using too many words or is there something else I should be doing?

I have links to the site from two sites so far which are and
the other one is

Both of these sites appear high in goggles results although the second is
currently undergoing an upgrade.

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

Jamie Allison
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Re: Google and my site

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Are you the same Jamie that posted earlier before?

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If you use a  no frames with important info this is better for indexing. But
yeah, it isn't wise to use frames IMHO. That is probably why all of your
site isn't indexed. Which was part of your other question earlier.

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Google right now doesn't have any more info to index you with. It only has
the one side frame with really no good info.


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Mainly for links with those words and from the content on the page.

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Most SE's ignore the keyword and description. They could use a snippet from
the description if it is small enough in their character limit.

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Making sure your images have good alt text with links. Thumbnails are great
because you don't have to have a page for the link. The link is the the
larger image and the text will be indexed. Next be patient and get more
links in the meantime.




Re: Google and my site

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Most of your problems are caused by the frame set. Next time you are on line
look at your site and then select View Source and you will see the problem
straight away.


Eddie /

Re: Google and my site

Jamie wrote:
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Hi Jamie,

You want to think about the people you want to find your website then
think of the keywords that they will use to find you. The most
important keywords should go into the <TITLE> tag of your page and on
one <h1> tag. Other important keywords should then go in the text of
your web page.

On your website, then, it appears your city and the themes of
photography and framing are important. You want these in your title and
<h1> text.

"The Picture Gallery" is a little vague. Even if your site appeared
near the top of search engine results, I would probably skip over
something with that title if I'm looking for a wedding photographer.

Think also about inbound links. Get your suppliers and vendors to point
to your website if they can. Get customers to do the same. I've found
several business directories in your area that you are not listed in --
get yourself added to them. You also want your subsidiary pages to
point to your home page.

As others have noted, fix your frames -- give a noframe option for
search engine spiders to follow.


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