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Does anyone know if including important keywords inside a javascript used
for drop down menus is considered in the same way by Google as normal text
in the body of a page?

Thanks in advance

Re: Google and javascripts

GoogleBot is not capable of reading javascript. It just ignores it, so I
would not suggest relying on anything that Javascript creates to help along
with rankings ..... Cause it wont help at all.

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Re: Google and javascripts

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Please don't consider my comments as being nitpicky.
I'm trying to understand how the SE actually works a
little at a time.

I don't believe that google or any other SE is incapable
of reading javascript that is in the source but rather
it chooses not to read it. Why because that which is in
the <script> tag could very well include, among other
things, local code variables which would be useless for
google to read and save.

Does anyone agree or disagree with that ???


Re: Google and javascripts (Jon) schrieb:

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I agree.

In the german search-engine newsgroup someone asked the same a few
days ago: he noticed, that google had spidered some pages of his site,
that were only linked through javascript.

Besides :
| "I wouldn't assume that we can't scan through JavaScript for links."


Re: Google and javascripts

There may just be a difference between following a JavaScript link and
indexing the script itself.

I don't think there could be any logical reason to index the Script,
as it would not hold any useful information with respect to the web
site or its content.

You could however conceive a reason for Google to develop technology
to follow a JavaScript link and it is fairly reasonable to assume that
in the future many sites will have substantial amounts of DHTML etc
which might make this useful.

Martyn Fewtrell

Re: Google and javascripts

Is this a javascript link that Google can't read?  I'm not so familiar
with html programming.  This will be a good example.  Thanks.

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src="images/icon_sitemap.gif" name="sitemap" width="67" height="24"

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