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How many pages should the google spider normally go through on a
web store? I have around 200 000 books on my site and google has only
through like 70 pages.

How has Amazon managed to get most of its pages directly indexed on google?
I mean, if you do a search with an ISBN code, you'll get Amazon's pages as a

My site uses PHP and query strings, although I've built today an alternative
sitemap for these robots using the tips from Sitepoint, ie. using URLs like
instead of

So, back to my original question. Should I expect to see ALL my books'
detail pages indexed in google?

Simo Savonen

the sitemap is at:

Re: Google and dynamic sites

Simo Savonen wrote:
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   With your site being PR0, don't expect much interest from Googlebot.
-- /
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Re: Google and dynamic sites

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Make sure your sitemap is less than 100K in size, otherwise you'll only get
those listed that are linked before 100K - we've only got 900 products and
have 5 index lists  - 200,000 products is going to need a lot of careful

-- Chris

Re: Google and dynamic sites

On Sat, 12 Jul 2003 17:29:13 +0300, "Simo Savonen"

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Google will index every page on a site if it thinks the pages are
important enough.

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Would of given some more advice, but when I opened your home page it
resized and I absolutely hate sites that resize my browser (anyone
else wish they could grasp the webmaster of sites that do this and
squeeze tightly!!), so automatically closed it.

If you remove that irritation I'll take a look I can guess what the
problem is, since doing an search gives just
the home page.

BTW the resizing stuck about 1/3 of the window of the screen of my 19"
monitor, so you have your settings wrong as well!!

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