Google Analytics - Wrong Numbers

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Whilst I am a posting mood, what do others think of Google Analytics?
I have had my web sites signed up to it for a couple of months, and
thought the numbers looked odd.  I compared them with my hosting
stats, and they are way, way off (down).

I have checked all the pages, and all pages have the script included,
and Google says it looks all OK.

To test things out, last night I had 5 friends hit several pages of my
website.  The hits all appear on the hosting stats, but 24 hours
later, nothing on Google Analytics.

I just prefer the ease of use of Analytics.  But if there is a better



Re: Google Analytics - Wrong Numbers

JaffaB wrote:
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Well, if the stats don't add up then there is no point anyway surely?
I briefly pondered adding it to our new site but my man on the buttons
was of a similar mind to me. Why have a script that relies on google
servers or whatever slowing down your page loads or even hanging them

I have been happy to use server stats after all, all I'm really
interested in is key words that are used to find the site(s)(and what
percentage of traffic comes from which SE) and general site traffic.
whether down or up. oh, and refering sites/pages in general.

Simple is accurate and why give google tons _more_ traffic info than
they have already.  Who's to say they might not use it against you in
some way...

-- - Fitness+Gym Equipment.

Re: Google Analytics - Wrong Numbers

"" wrote ...
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24 hours is too soon to know.
GA is good, and weeds out many robots that other systems see as 'real
people', but it is not quick.

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Evidence for any of this twaddle?

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I agree with that; if you have something to hide, DON'T use GA, or sitemaps.
It's like robbing a bank and walking past the police station waving your
bags marked 'swag' in the air.


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Re: Google Analytics - Wrong Numbers

On Thu, 21 Aug 2008 20:21:53 +0100, ""

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Gawd, Pet, it won't do that, it's just a smidgin of code. They have
new stuff now too so give it a chance. Point is, having it and mulling
over the results can give you ideas for more promotion. That's the
reason for having it, you need to trigger your own abilities.

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Well use Hittail then and that solves that

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Only likely to be a problem if you're being sneaky.


Re: Google Analytics - Wrong Numbers

Big Bill wrote:

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Well, I'll wait and see how we get on without it.

The new site is being written with every aspect of SEO at the forefront
of design while retaining a very un-cluttered and attractive user
interface with features to enhance the users whole shopping experience
and ease of navigation while providing a font of knowledge based on a
vast collective pool of training and e-commerce wisdom.

The way it's progressing I can say without any shadow of doubt our
traffic and customer usage will increase.... oh... at least tenfold
compared to our current higgledypigledy mishmash of sites.

Still writing category descriptions before I can even start on adding
product details.
I best not spend anymore time chatting. Not if I want it live before the
end of September!

To be able to have a site created from scratch by a brilliantly
tallented coded featuring everything I have learnt over the last 10
years to take the place of a very mature domain/static site is a
masterpeice in the making.

Did I over do the enthusiasm a bit too much?

Bck to work.
Pete - Be warned.... world domination is looming!
(Well, in the gym and fitness equipment industry at least)

Re: Google Analytics - Wrong Numbers

On Thu, 21 Aug 2008 11:32:53 -0700 (PDT), JaffaB

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Useful. All information generally is, even if it's the same  but
presented differently. Even if it's not entirely accurate, which is
something you get used to from Google.

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WEBCEO. Go read about it here

and click on my affiliate link (!!) if you fancy buying it. I use it
myself because of the presentation. It's useful on client sites also
as you can isolate one aspect of the optimsation campaign and put it
in front of the client in an easily understandable format.

Failing that you could just Google for SEO software review and when
you get through Mike's directory - which I must read one day - well,
there I am again :-)


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