Google Analytics vs Urchin 5

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I am trying to understand a discrepancy in some numbers.

I've got a public website.

GA tells me I've got ~2100 visitors w/ ~7100 page views.

Urchin tells me I've got 40,000 visitors w/ 46,000 page views.

I'm told that Urchin counts bots and all kinds of things that GA
doesn't count as part of providing "pure" data on live visitors.

I publish trade magazines so accurate numbers are important to me as
well as my advertisers, but advertisers often go with the "bigger"
numbers regardless of how inflated or untargeted they are.

That is, given that codes are properly installed, which numbers are a
more accurate count of actual visitors?


Re: Google Analytics vs Urchin 5

It's pretty easy for me to interpret the Google Analytics charts and
data. They seem reasonable in comparison to actual phone calls coming
in. Good solid traffic of qualified visitors is what you really want

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