Google, an treat for privacy

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Today while searching/googling some info in my notebook, I saw an
apparently innocent link in Google, in the upper left corner near my
account name, there was a "Search History" link, when I clicked it, all
my fears came true...

They logged all my searchs, I could see all the things I searched, at
what times I searched them, they even show you a graphic with the most
active hours of the day!! If I go to the groups section, I can see
which groups I've been reading... its clear that they log everything...

If you have a Gmail account (as I do), you can see that in the right
border, Google inserts ads relating with the message you are viewing,
it even extracts addresses and links them with maps, I'm sure it will
log that also. If your postman rode your letters and showed you
advertisements about that... what would you do? And if your postman
also rode your agenda?.

Even more, what happens to AdSense, it is everywhere, imagine that once
Google knows your interests (you like MS better than Java, because you
search more using the word "C#"), it shows YOU the proper ads, based on
your google profile, it will be fine for someone, but in addition to
targeting you with the proper ads, it traks all your movements in the
net. How many sites have AdSense banners? All the baners reside in
Google servers and they create an IFRAME pointing to the google domain,
so they can track you.

Even more, Google is buying lots of companies to offer free WLAN
service in the US, are you sure it will be free? It might be free of
charge, but I could cost your privacy.

Let's put on the evil side:

Imagine a "MegaCorp" that knows what are your interests, what you look
at what hours, reads your mail, knows your agenda, can track you on the

Imagine Google..

I will not write about Google Print... imagine thousands of books
accesible everywhere, I don't use the encyclopedia since I discovered
internet, imagine a MegaCorp controlling all the books, remember 1984?
The Party can rewrite history, we'll you can edit Wikipedia now, or you
can censor in China...

Enrique Blanco

Re: Google, an treat for privacy

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Guess what, sign out and nothing happens.


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Re: Google, an treat for privacy

If you have cleared your privacy and you browse the internet nothing
will happen ( well nothing should happen ). If you go to
you'll get a little google cookie which will expire somewhere far in
the future.

Google search cookie is the one which expires on 18 Jauary, 2038 some
will on 17 January 2038, I guess this depends which domain ending
google has and where from the globe you're googleing. Also some
services have cookies that expire 1 January, 2024 and some on 31 July,
2016 etc. etc.

According to some people this cookies are some kinda information
collectors . . . So whatever you search and wherever you go on the net,
it'll send the link to a secret server and will collect the data about
your habbits and after a while it'll know who you are and will
recognize you no matter from what computer you do a search or surf the
WWW even if you delete the cookies every few seconds.

Some things stink even to me so my intention is not to make fun of your
post, but this is what we have to deal and internet isn't a safe place
at all. If you're affraid that someone might harm your privacy then I
wouldn't use internet at all, and the best is not to use phone aswell
cos Echelon is listening.

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