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Hi All,

I have a question:
I'm starting to use Ajax on my websites, and I was wondering: when I
use Ajax to retrieve an article from my database, and show it in a
<span>, will Google find that article and index it correctly? What if
several articles will be available there? At this moment, there is
only one yet.
The page (in Dutch) I am talking about is this
By selecting a category from the dropdown (beginners), you get a list
of all articles in that category, by clicking the link of the article,
you get the article.

Thanks for taking a look at this!

Kind regards,

Re: Google & Ajax

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No, Google won't find it. You'll need to have a non-Javascript version
that browsers and spiders that don't have Javascript will be able to
see - this is known as 'graceful degredation'.

You can see an example of this here:
- click on a subject category, then on the gold '+' sign. If you have
Javascript turned on, it uses some AJAX and Javascript to add rows to
the table and create a pop-up box. If you turn off Javascript, it
still works but it reloads the page and loads in the data then.

This is mainly done by having a standard link, then in the link some
Javascript which takes over when you click on the link and uses
'return: false;' to stop the link reloading the page.

Doing things this way means the search engines can get at everything,
but people with Javascript turned on will get a better experience.
It's known as having a Javascript 'behaviour layer' over the normal

If you want to turn Javascript on and off easily and use Firefox, you
can do it easily using the Web Developer toolbar by Chris Pederick - - and it has lots of
other useful tools as well.


Check the spiderability of your pages:
Paul Silver - freelance web developer

Re: Google & Ajax

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Thanks for the great and usefull info Paul! Appreciated!

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