Google ain't that smart

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Google ain't that smart.  I'm amused when folks on the web point to
some minor SEO technique and say "don't do it or Google will penalize
or ban your site".  I think many folks give Google too much credit for
their ability to "analyze" your site. Case in point:  I just submitted
a spam report to Google for one of my competitors in spot#6.  Clicked
on his cach and saw 30 of the same keyword phrases hidden all over the
page - text color same as background.

Now, if Google can't (or won't) penalize for that, I have to believe
they don't look very hard for spam techniques.  Too bad, because I
thought all the algo tweaking since December was supposed to lead to
better SERPs.   This sort of manipulation forces the honest folks to
consider following the lead.

I hope Google has their IPO - I'll wait for the initial stock rise to
level out, then sell them short.  I'm banking Microsoft will figure
out how to deliver good search results and kill Google just as they
killed Netscape.


Re: Google ain't that smart

Ed wrote:
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Google couldn't possibly manually penalize or ban sites simply because
there are too many millions of them to do that to. Sure they could make
an exception of certain ones, like search king as one example. But to do
this to millions of sites manually I think not.

Wish Microsoft would do a better search engine but then again I'm Bill
$$$ Gates would be charging us all about $1,000 per url per month to be
listed on page one. There would go all my profits.

Re: Google ain't that smart

SAM wrote:

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That wasn't really the point of the OP.
Google COULD cope with banning/penalising all the sites that get reported.
But do they? It seems not

Re: Google ain't that smart

seo yonnermark wrote:
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 No they couldn't because they don't have the software that can do that
yet. They also don't have enough people working for them to ban penalize
millions of sites.

Re: Google ain't that smart

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I've found exactly the same thing... my client is back on page 1 for his
key search phrase - got the grey hairs to show for it. :) However the
site at number one has hidden text... I've spam reported this to Google
on several occasions - with no joy.

Don't mind being beaten to top spots if those sites conform to Google's
guidelines... but when they don't it does rankle.


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