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Can someone explain the Adwords "Position" concept to me?  I started an Adwords
"campaign" last week, selected a half-dozen keywords, wrote an ad, and set up my
daily budget and CPC.

The activity report shows me that over the last 7 days I've had 19 impressions,
0 clicks, and an average position of 1.5.  But I'll be damned if I can find
anything on Google site or instructional demo that tells me if 1.5 is good or
bad.  What's the scale based on?  Is 1.5 high or low?  1.5 of what?

I do know that when I perform a search on my own keywords I've never seen my ad,
even after paging down a dozen times or more.

Any help would be appreciated.

Captain Infinity

Re: Google Adwords "Position"

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Since click-thru-ratios tend to be in the 1% ballpark, the 19 impressions is
not very good. It may be that your keywords are ones that few people are
searching for. Use the Yahoo/Overture Keyword Selector at to get a feel
for how popular your keywords are. That shows how many times a given keyword
has been searched in the previous month on the Yahoo network, and there will
typically be even more on the Google network.

Also, the 1.5 rating is a bit misleading. It means (I think) 1.5 on on
whatever page it is shown. You may only be getting shown on the 5th or 6th
page of search results, which most people never get to. What you want is to
be on the first page of results, and typically you can't tell if you're
there from the info Google provides.

You may need to experiment with your bid amount.

Also, having a high bid limit per day can help - even though you may never
actually come near that limit. I always peg mine at 100's of dollars and
that has increased my qty of impressions yet I've never come near hitting
the limit.

Bob Kochem
MinuteMan Systems

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