Google adwords maximum cost per click

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Hello - please look at the figures below -they are taken from the ad group

They show the charges which the campaign has incurred,
The total all -time figures for the jeep campaign amounts to a bill of
$855.39 for 1,255 clicks which is 69 cents per click.

This is much higher than necessary because the campaign banners are still
showing although I have put the maximum cost per click to 5 cents!

They may not be showing up so frequently but I daresay if I increase the
maximum cpc to 10 cents then they will probably show up as frequently as

This proves that your automated tool is not capable of making the necessary
adjustments to control the cost per click factor to ensure that the costs
are set at one cent higher than the next lowest advertiser.

Instead of setting the costs at the lowest end to equate with the lowest
maximum cost per click set by competitors, the automated tool arbitrarily
sets the costs at the highest end.

Therefore it is wrong to encourage your customers to set a high maximum cost
per click in the expectation that your automated system will make the
necessary adjustments.

You are distorting the marketplace by jacking up the prices in this way. Let
me quote from your own FAQ:
  1.. Will I need to set a different CPC for every keyword?
  2.. No. With Google AdWords, you don't have to worry about this. You can
simply set the same maximum CPC for all your keywords, knowing that the
AdWords Discounter will charge you the lowest CPC you can be charged while
still maintaining your position for each keyword. If you want to assign
different CPC values to different keywords, you can simply set up separate
Ad Groups with different maximum CPC amounts. You can also use our power
posting feature to assign a different CPC to each of the keywords within an
Ad Group.

  Other advertising programs require customers to specify a set price for
each keyword. This means their customers not only spend more money than
necessary, but also must invest a significant amount of time patrolling
their keywords in order to reduce costs. For example, if you had set a
cost-per-click (CPC) of $0.91 in order to appear in the top spot, and the
advertiser in the second position reduced his or her price from $0.90 to
$0.70, you would be paying $0.20 more than necessary to maintain your
Since our banners are still showing for 10 cents per click, Google must
reduce the bill by $729.89, because we should only be paying 1,255 clicks x
10 cents = $125.50 and not $855.39 as charged.

I await confirmation that Google will only attempt to debit 125.50 from our
credit card, and not $855.39.

If I can asssist further, please let me know.

Yours faithfully,

John Aidiniantz

Re: Google adwords maximum cost per click

This is the wrong place for this. You need to email google and ask for their

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Re: Google adwords maximum cost per click

I agree, Google find this and they certainly won't help your cause any.

It's a very valid point you have, but dont air dirty laundry, so to speak,
on a public forum before a matter is dealt with. This is sure to work
against you.

David D.

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