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Hey guys - 3 quick questions.  I'd really appreciate some advice :)


I run an advertising campaign on google through adwords.  Everytime I went
to google and typed in my campaign keywords, I would appear first overall.
I am located in Canada, and now when I go to I do not appear at
all.  The only time I appear is when I go to  Why could that be?

I went to the new Google site that runs with suggestions.  But then went
back to ... ever since then I've noticed this problem ((However
the only reason I just noticed it now is because I never tested my adwords
campaign in 3-4 weeks before that so it's quite possible this could have
been going on for quite some time.))

If anyone could help me get back on I would be greatful as even
though I live in Canada, I hardly ever type but


How would I go about being listed under  Local results for garage doors near
Toronto, ON for example?


How would I go about getting listed for my keywords under google when I
click *pages listed in Canada*

I'm 1st for Toronto Garage Doors, however can't seem to be found when I
click the pages listed in Canada only :(  And my only business is in Toronto

Thanks for your time!
Merry Christmas :)

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