Google AdWords, devising a strategy....

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I've been tasked with looking into our google adwords strategy.  I've been
doing some research on how the whole thing works, but I'm a bit hazy on some
aspects of it.    I see there is a rather complex (and undocumented)
interplay between:

(1) bid for the phrase
(2) relevance score for the landing page wrt the ad
(3) page rank of the landing page
(4) click-through rate of the ad

Now, if I were to devise an ad-word strategy, I would perhaps generate a
special landing page for each adword ad in a campaign which would have a
much higher relevancy than the current landing page (which is our website
homepage - a kind-of watered down relevance as it deals with several
different industries).  However, any special landing page I create is bound
to have a much lower page-rank than our homepage.

Can anyone suggest a suitable strategy here?

Re: Google AdWords, devising a strategy....

Quoted text here. Click to load it
Make you adword URLs something like this:

Then you'll be able to track the source (google adwords) through your stats
or, as we do, put them in a database. That way we can collate where each
click is from. This is especially important is you're using Yahoo (Overture)
UseWho or Miva etc.

You can also be a little more clever if you also track the keyword like:

Vance - Bristol - UK

Re: Google AdWords, devising a strategy....

Like that one, very good idea.  Will save a lot of money on tracking

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