Google, adwords and adsense

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I'm trying to get my head around this adwords/adsense thing and their
relationship with the 'main' google search engine.

I see that adsense is providing revenue for google and the advert host.
Google has an outlet for their adwords customers and gets money through that
and shares part of that with the host. OK

What I wonder about though, is the mainstream google search engine. If
someone subscribes to adwords does this mean that it won't (or isn't likely
to) appear as the result of a google search except as a sponsored link?

It seams to me that subscribing to adwords would be a potential conflict of
interest with a search engine like google, where google will be able to get
revenue from a sponsored link but would lose potential revenue if it
appeared as a 'normal' link through the search engine.

Perhaps someone can explain the google search engine/adwords/adsense
business model and relationships?  (or suggest a could link to read more
about this)

Apologies if this is "old hat" to many.


Re: Google, adwords and adsense

On Wed, 30 Nov 2005 11:34:17 GMT, "Paul Andrews"

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Nope. In fact it has been observed that where you can get a sponsored
ink top of the page and an organic link near the top of the organic
serps they set up a kind of feedback off each other and you get way
more response than you would expect. More than twice, basically.

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Re: Google, adwords and adsense

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Thanks Bill

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