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Adwords sucks!!!
We used it and we got nothing at .25c a click when we got to a $1 we
got hits but no buyers.
If you want to spend your money and give ti to google welcome.
We are all google's suckers. If we stopped advertizing on Google they
will go bust and we will be much happier.

Re: google adwords

No its not like that youa re supposing! even we are aslo sucked by
Google, but you need to pay more consentration. do regular with the
interval of time.

 It depends also on the product which you are placed on the website.

Re: google adwords wrote:
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You probably needed to look into Smart Pricing. You pay less for clicks
that don't result in some action being taken (ie. sale). This is done by
including special code on your results pages (e.g. order confirmation).

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