Goog Jamming Yahoo Again

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How come every time Yahoo can't load"server problems"
google loads even faster.
I will always be loyal to Yahoo. Maybe it's those seasonal  russian
workers. Yahoo.

Re: Goog Jamming Yahoo Again

edinny wrote:
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Note : Second time sending this. If duplicate please disregard.
Internet connection issues.

Well thank you edinny. That's now 6 times since April 19th that you
have informed us of Google's onslaught of its search counterpart.
Do any fishing edinny? Got any fish there that might bite on a worm or

I like to go fishing. I try to fish a little bit each day, even 20
minutes sometimes. It's good for my soul kind of thing. Keeps me
grounded, you know. I know when those big sunsabitches' are around
'cause the ducks go snaky; they book it to the other side of the lake
squacking all the way like something was just inserted up the arses
sideways. Then it gets real fun. Boom, loose another 100 lb leader. You
see the waves part as the slimy razor-toothed beast pounces and
demolishes your bobber to bits thinking it some type of free red and
white plastic spheric treat.

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