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May 05, 2005
Google Blogoscoped Bigfooted by SEO Inc.
Over at Google Blogoscoped, one of my favorite sites on search,
blogger Philipp Lenssen reports that he has been threatened by SEO
Inc., a SEO company, for posting widely known facts about the company.
He does not have the money to pay for his defense, so he has taken
down his original post, which noted that SEO Inc. has apparently been
blacklisted from Google's index, at least as it relates to particular
terms like "search engine optimization." (In fact, a search in Google
for "SEO Inc." does not yield the company's URL in the first set of
results, which is certainly odd.)

If Lenssen, who is based in Germany, had the money to fight these
bigfoot tactics, he'd certainly win. Instead of fight, he decided to
report what has happened, in the hope others will pick up the flag for
him. I found his original post, titled "Fall of SEOInc" in Google's
Cache. I have a PDF of it as well, should the cache get rinsed in
time. From the piece, which, in case the SEOInc. lawyers are reading,
I quote under principles of fair use, newsworthiness, and commentary:

It’s kind of ironic that, a search engine optimization
company which for a while was on the Google number 1 spot for the
highly competitive query “search engine optimization”, is now nowhere
to be found in the Google results. This is likely due to the recent
PageRank update and even more algorithm tweaks implemented by Google.
Enter “SEOinc” into, and is nowhere in the top
10; and the PageRank has dropped to “none”. Only by
entering “” into Google will you see the site is still
indexed in some way.

And while a low or non-existent Google ranking is bad enough for sites
outside the SEO industry, it hits everyone in the SEO business twice
as hard: not only are SEOInc not being found with search engines
anymore, they’ve also lost their biggest proof their services are
worth paying for.

Of course, the fact this site has seen the Google death penalty hints
that they’ve overoptimized using “black hat” search engine
optimization (such as linkfarms, for example). In either case, these
days it pays out more than ever to optimize your content and to
deliver valid, accessible HTML, without spending a second thought on
what search engines may like. They’re just too flaky to be trusted.

As far as I can tell, Philipp's big crime, according to SEO Inc, was
telling the truth. It's no secret that in some significant way, SEO
Inc, which claims on its home page that it can "rank more sites in
more top positions than anyone in the business," has been banned from
Google. It's the title of a thread in Webmasterworld, for example.

Philipp has posted a copy of the threatening letter SEO Inc. sent him
here. My two cents: The cat is out of the bag, SEO Inc. Bigfoot
letters can't change the truth.

Funny aside from SEO Inc's own site (at least last time I checked):

"Want proof? Take the Search Engine Optimization Inc challenge. Go
to Google and search for the term "search engine optimization" or
"search engine placement"! You are going to learn the same technology
and techniques that get us ranked!"

Not any more....

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