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It's no secret; my long time fondness for Microsoft's magnificent
search (whose day to really shine has yet to come).

The stage is set again for the now tedious MSN / Yahoo showdown (or
meltdown). Will one finally take the other over? Or will they merge?
Somehow, together or united, they have to stop Google from completely
dessimating the Internet (with its lustful hunger for capitalizing on
the poor, old anchor).

MSN seems to have already developed a powerful technology that
counteracts most trendy link manipulation schemes whereas Google just
continues to thrive on creating linking frenzies; amassing and
distributing wealth based almost exclusively on the once purposeful

... and Yahoo seems to be stuck, again, on the notion that although it
would support a merger with MSN, it cannot give up its search
capabilities. Wake up Yahoo! Here's your chance to finally get out of
a game that's always been out of your league. Step aside and let the
big boys take a good whack at the smoke-filled garage brainfart that
eventually became Google.

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