Giving Up With Google

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I'm giving up trying to figure out what the hell google is playing at.
Personally, I will be glad when yahoo ditches them.

I wouldn't mind so much with all the frigging about if the results that were
returned from searches were improved even if it affected me badly. But when
you see good sites go down and crap come to the front its time to move on.
Users eventually will drive the change. If they don't get the goods from
google they will go elsewhere and from what I'm seeing they are not.

I don't know what has happened in the last couple of days but it is not for
the better.

Re: Giving Up With Google

John Dingley wrote:
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What happened was the AOL account 2 years ago that screwed google up as
a good search engine. No one wants to believe me here that aol is in
reality the number one used search engine and google even with yahoo
doesn't even come close. Once google got the aol search account they
added about 30 million new people to their search engine as viewers and
that sent seo's reeling. Google's software could not handle the large
growth from aol people and that's all there is to the last couple of
yars and the demise of google as a decent SE. If aol dumped them
tommorrow within 3-6 months tops google would be good again. There'd be
less SEO's bothering with google if aol split. Yahoo might also make
soem difference for the better for google but not that much. My guess is
yahoo will go for paid results and will die a lonely death within a year
or so after they do. Probably wind up being bought out by some company
that knows nothing about the internet. That'll be yahoo's fate in the

Re: Giving Up With Google

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Hey Sam,

I remember the original post a while back but I don't remember seeing any
data to back up your position on AOL being #1.

Can you provide us with some data?


James Taylor

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Re: Giving Up With Google

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Do you know of anyone who has tried to measure the quality of search results
?   I was wondering if the November change in Google has improved or
degraded search result quality ?

Toolbars should be a real help.  From the data you could tell "how many
people try Google and then give up and continue searching with other search
engines"  This, expressed as a percentage might be a guide.  Within Google
the number and position of pages viewed before the searcher stopped
searching would also be indicative of how good the SERPS were.

Best regards, Eric.

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