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About a month back I thought I'd completely update my creative writers
group website. One of it ideas in the back of my mind was that we
could possibly earn a few pound sterling by having a link through to
Amazon. It would be a way to sell some of the books we, and other
writers we know. could sell a few extra books. At the time I didn't
even know how it was done and if I could in fact do it. If we made
enough to pay our site fees I'd be happy.

One of the best internet letters I've come across yet is 'Tourbus,'
( ). Over the years I've had some very good advice
via this letter, I'd recommend it to anyone. Anyway imagine my
surprise when I received their letter dated Feb 10 and the author, Bob
Rankin, was going on about this friend of his Joel Comm and how he
makes loads of money via AdSense and such programs. So I took a look
at what was been said, searched a number of sites, got a general idea
of what it was all about, and thought to myself: 'I could do that.'

Having convinced myself I could make some money from this programs I
then started to do some more research - to find out 'exactly' what it
was that was been written about.

There was a lot of hype out there, (I suppose that's a large part of
it at the end of the day,) there was plenty of bits and pieces of
information, plenty of pointers to follow, but I couldn't find a
primer. A book, or e-book, that would put all the basics into my hand,
something to start the novice off. Do any members know of such a
publication or websites where I could pick the info up.

It's the primer I'm after, the basics, the introduction to web
marketing, once I know what it's all about I can dig deeper myself.

Re: getting started with adsense and other programs

Two main strategies for Adsense (apart from employing Chinese in
cybercafes to click your links).

Go for quantity - which is basically what I do. I  earn a living of
doing this but you need hundreds of thousands of visitors a month.

Or you can go for high values keywords - open an adwords account to see
what pays well. It is not as lucrative as it was when keywords like
"loans" or "asbestosis" would pay tens of dollars per click-thru but
there are still some high value kws out there. You need to think about
what a sale of one of those kws is worth to someone - lawyer, debt
consolidator etc. Create a website that targets those keywords. It will
need to be very optimized as there is a lot of competition out there.

Oh don't forget to replace to pesky public service ads with other CTA or
affiliate programmes.

Will Spencer wrote a useful article on CTA recently.

A lot of people think CTA is so 2004 though.

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