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I am somewhat of a newbie/novice when it comes to the Internet and search
engines, so this query might seem elementary..

I created a web-site (using notepad) about 2 and 1/2 years ago for a small
community house. I generally update it twice per semester, ie 4 times per

I have submitted it to both Yahoo! (the free list - 'bout 12 months ago) and
Google (at least 18 months ago) many times - but still can't get a listing
when I use either of these Search engines, nor Alta-Vista and a few others.

Why is this?

I don't have any links from the site - yet - would this be why?

I do have meta tags in my xxx/index.htm page...

Here's the website if you would like to look at FYI.. /



Re: Getting a listing with SE's

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Hi Laurie,
Yes, you need links to your site from another sites. This is important as
the bots need this to find you. Submission really doesn't do any good
without having any links. They will pick you up anyway once they find you.
Start with some free directories that your site would fit into that
category. The DMOZ is a free directory...and Google will get it's directory
information from that. This though can take anywhere from 1 month to a few
months. Google doesn't update it's directory that often and they just had basing this info on how they have been in the past it could be
another 4 to 6 months. The DMOZ will take anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months
or longer. Then look at that category and find a few sites that will put
your link up. But, all you need is one good link for them to find you, so
find a site to link with. But, your ranking will not rank that high with
just one link.

I hope this helps.

Re: Getting a listing with SE's

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Could you get some links from local government or community type sites
perhaps? They are often happy to link to community programmes such as yours.
Just an idea.


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Re: Getting a listing with SE's

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Remove the frames

Put two 5 line paragraphs on the front page explaining what your site is
about. Use descriptive text including words that match in proportion what
you think your hoped for visitors will type into Google. e.g: Queenscliffe(7
times), Internet(5 times), Playgroup(2 times) etc.  Make the picture on the
front page much smaller.

Put text links on the home page to other pages (e.g. Queenscliffe computer,
Queenscliffe playgroup etc)

Put links from all pages back to the home page using descriptive text link
(e.g. Queenscliffe home page, Queenscliff home page, Queenscliffe
neighbourhood house, etc.)

Get descriptive text links links from other web sites. (e.g. Queenscliffe
neighbourhood house, Queenscliff neighbourhood house, etc.)

If you cane make your mid up how Queenscliff is spelled it would help as you
can then use the same throughout your site and also in the links from other

Best regards, Eric.

Re: Getting a listing with SE's

On Mon, 19 Apr 2004 17:00:14 +1000, "lauricat"

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More likely it'll be because you don't have any links TO the site.
That's what the engines like to see.
And do I see wbbot in the code? Did you do bits of this with
<spit>Frontpage</spit>? Engines can't read webbot code. And people
don't want to. If I were you, I'd run a validator over it and put a
lot more text on the opening page. Scenery looks nice and peaceful, by
the way.


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Re: Getting a listing with SE's

Big Bill wrote:
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Bill is right. You need links TO the site.

You also need more words on the page.

Your text "click here to email us" is a waste of a good link.
Call it "Email Queenscliffe & District Neighbourhood House" --
that puts the name in a link.

Your text "click on image to enter" is a waste of a good link.
Put the text that that link leads to right on the top page. You
want more words on the top page.

Your code is screwy, by the way, as Big Bill noted. Rewrite it in
straight html so that the search engines (and folks with old
browsers) can parse it.

Right now, the only text on the top page is this:

    Queenscliffe & District Neighbourhood House.
    Phone: 03 5258 3367
    Fax: 03 5258 4145
    Co-ordinator:Carolyn Williams.
    President:Pat Semmens.
    33 King Street, Queenscliff, Victoria. 3225.
    Click here to email us
    The office hours are Monday - Friday 9.00am - 12.00noon.    
    Use of Photocopier, Fax & Computers including the Internet
    and email is available at reasonable rates. Phone first to
    check on availability of computers. The Neighbourhood House
    respects your right to information privacy. Information
    which we collect and hold on participants is kept in
    accordance with information privacy laws

Here are the top words:

information   appears 3 times
phone         appears 2 times
email         appears 2 times
computers     appears 2 times
privacy       appears 2 times
neighborhood  appears 2 times
house         appears 2 times

Are those the words you really want to be known for? What about
"ocean front" and "Australia" and "Queenscliff" and -- what is a
neighbourhood house, anyway? Is it like what we call a community
center in the USA? Is it non-profit? Government funded? Locally
maintained by church or community donations? Tell us!  Why is the
name of the town "Queenscliff" but the name of the building
"Queenscliffe" with an extra "e" (and why add that silly "e",
anyway, since it will split your search engine results badly down
the middle?) Why is it out on a wharf? Is it historic? Is it
unusual? Was it once a fishery dock or a warehouse for bananas?
Do you offer more services than internet access and fax? Why is
respecting privacy so danged important -- do you not hold dances
there, or let the hall for choir practice or karate schools for
kids? Whatever it is you do there -- give out free birth control
pills, run a medical marijuana club, plot against the government,
provide free AIDS testing, distribute welfare cheese -- whatever
it is, PUT IT ON THAT PAGE. And if the building is available for
film companies to shoot a thriller there, let them know that too
-- it is a unique building and it may be that some Hollywood
company filming in Australia would LOVE to shoot a strange
murder-chase-through-the-bake-sale scene there and pay you
handsomely for the privilege! Be creative! Use WORDS to get the
search engines to notice you. Ask ten of your friends who have
web sites to create a link to the page using your best four key
words in their link -- perhaps "Queenscliffe & District
Neighbourhood House"

Do a spell-check. You need spaces after the colons and between
the times and the words "am" and "noon". And clean up your
bizarre code!!!!!


cat yronwode

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Re: Getting a listing with SE's

Thanks Bill and cat.

will follow through with your suggestions/comments

Laurie.  :-)

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ago) and
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Re: Getting a listing with SE's

On Sat, 24 Apr 2004 17:38:26 +1000, "lauricat"

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Let us know when you do and we'll have another look.


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