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Is there a sweet spot for the  number of words per page, based on a 20 page
web site divided into explaning two major financial products?
I keep seeing references to "200 - 300" words per page.

Also, with regards to keyword / keyphrase density, what exactly is it and
how does it work?  Is it essentially the % of all the words your keyword
takes up?  For example, if I have 300 words on a page, and the keyphrase
"PET INSURANCE DEAL", appears 10 times, does it equate to a keyphrase
density of 10%?

What about if the word INSURANCE appears overall 50 times, out of 300 -
would this be wrong?

Whaty is the keyword & keyphrase density sweet spot?

Any help appreciated!!!!


Re: General word count per page - GOOGLE SEO

G wrote:
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Firstly you are asking about Google so none of the below is necessarily
valid for MSN Search, Yahoo! etc.

All of the above are on-page factors which can make some difference
where the SERP is not competitive but will make very little difference
otherwise. Page sizes between 1 and 100K and keyword densities between 0
and 100% can do very well on Google - you can find examples of all in
no.1 spots. There is undoubtedly a sweet spot but it is lost somewhere
in all the other SEO factor noise.

What is important is not some snake oil or voodoo about keywords but to
theme each page and have keywords in the interlinking anchor text. Pages
magnify PageRank - but you need some good IBLs. I'd sooner have a 100
page website with 200 word pages than a 20 page website with 1000 word
pages - at the same time you need to think about the enduser - a website
that ranks well in Google but is not sticky because of poor structure or
lots of itsy-bitsy pages will not do well.

Re: General word count per page - GOOGLE SEO

G wrote:

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If you read your pages and it's unreadable because of all the repeated
keywords you might be doing something wrong.

Bottom line: if your text looks spammy to visitors, you might lose some.

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Re: General word count per page - GOOGLE SEO

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There isn't one. Do what seems right. I must say, though, that I
generally try to ensure that a phrase will be just that shade more
prevalent in a page than other phrases.

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