Garlic Repels Googlebot?

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I am experiencing some google weirdness:

 Late last year i put up a web page about garlic at my Herb Magic web

The url (which i am going to break here, so no bot can attempt to follow
it, as it is 404) was

huttup-wow-colon-slash-slash slash garlic.html

This spring -- in late March 2007 -- i decided to break the page into
two parts, one page each for each of two different spcies of garlic.

I wrote two pages, one for the type of garlic that is called common
garlic and in Spanish ajo macho (manly garlic) and one for a species of
shallot-type wild garlic that in Spanish is called ajo japones (Japanese

I deleted the plain garlic url from my site and from the index page to
my site. There are no links to it. It does not exist. It is 404. It is
not pining for the fjords, it is deceased.

Google has refused to believe that this page is gone. It retains a
cached link from March 24, 2007 -- but here's the weird part, although
it has indexed and re-indexed the site several times since then, it has
NEVER picked up the page on ajo japones. It has cahces of the index page
and of many other pages from late May or even more recently, but it
balks at this one garlic page.


Who knows?

More to the point, what can i do about it?

Google does not like folks to submit single pages, prefering to do its
own crawls.

But no matter how many times googlebot has crawled and re-indexed the
site, it clings to the corpse of that March 24th page and refuses to
embrace the vivid, living new garlic ajo japones page.

Here is the page that google will not index:

Any clues?

Any hope?

Is google a vampire and garlic its nemesis?

Waiting for an answer, i remain, the garlic queen of Forestville,

cat yonwode
garlic ajo japones at

Re: Garlic Repels Googlebot?

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Re: Garlic Repels Googlebot?

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If that were true, it wouldn't be hanging on the old one so

I can't see an obvious reason - but just in case ...

Your custom 404 page returns a proper 404 server code, but the title
says it's a 401 Not Authorized response.

I dunno.  Straws were created to be clutched at.

Re: Garlic Repels Googlebot?

On Thu, 21 Jun 2007 00:55:02 -0800, catherine yronwode

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Use the url removal tool.

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