Funny Article to Those Who Deslike Google

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From The Register: /

In case you haven't noticed, Google makes a ton of money for doing almost
nothing. It supplies boring, text ads to web pages. Its success hinges on
its stature as the most popular search engine, which derives from its
position as the best search engine, and that's not even true anymore. Google
was certainly the best search engine for awhile, but they're all about the
same these days. In fact, Google's search engine often turns up more garbage
than the rest because of its obsession with blogs.

In case you haven't noticed, every one of Google's supposed open source
efforts is designed to unseat Microsoft in one area or another. You probably
have noticed because every reporter on the planet feels the need to describe
Google as the next Microsoft. And you all love this idea.

That latter sentence actually reminded me of what I wrote yesterday < >
due to Google Analytics.


Re: Funny Article to Those Who Dislike Google

Ignore the ugly typo in the original subject line.

Here is another popular article which floated around the Web a couple of
months ago:


It's Google's Turn as the Villain

Many in Silicon Valley are skittish about Google's size and power, and fret
that its strengths are transforming it into a threat.

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 23 - For years, Silicon Valley hungered for a company
mighty enough to best Microsoft. Now it has one such contender: the
phenomenally successful Google.

But instead of embracing Google as one of their own, many in Silicon Valley
are skittish about its size and power. They fret that the very strengths
that made Google a search-engine phenomenon are distancing it from the
entrepreneurial culture that produced it - and even transforming it into a



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