Frustrated Webmaster :(

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Hi - My website it located at - We're a family owned
garage door service company in Toronto.

To start off with some info for you - We used to have a PR of 4 which has
now declined to 3 for some reason.  We also used to be part of google
adwords, however since I ran into some trouble with my credit card being
maxed out, I had to put my account on hold until I make a payment to that
this month.

Now whenever I type in the phrases that used to get my #1 placement ((not
including google adwords, but the regular search results)) - I don't see
myself up anywhere close to it anymore :(

toronto garage doors
toronto garage door services
toronto garage door repairs

I noticed this only after I saw my page rank go to 3....I tried doing a
search out of curiousity on google, and low and behold...I dissappeared :(

Is there anything I can do?  Also, is anyone interested in exchanging links
with us?  You can email me at
atbdoorinc @ rogers . com ((remove spaces to reply))

Thanks for your time!

Re: Frustrated Webmaster :(

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You've been hit by the florda & austin google algo tweaks.
It SEEMS to be a filter that zaps certain sites for certain

Sit tight, don't use any questionable optimisation techniques and keep
working on getting backlinks from sites that it would make sense for them to
link to you ie don't go to a link farm

Re: Frustrated Webmaster :(

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hmmm..this is very wierd.  Those are the only keywords and phrases that will
help my business since I'm local LOL  Anywhere to read more about this
florda/austin online?  This is the first i heard of it.

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Thank you!  I have been continuing my quest to get backlinks.  It's not as
easy as it sounds, but I'm continuing to work :) Thanks for your help!

Re: Frustrated Webmaster :(

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Re: Frustrated Webmaster :(

I'm not sure what Google is doing exactly , but I've seen the exact opposite
effect on my site.

PR4 pages dropped to PR3 and PR2 about 1 month ago. My PR has gone from 3 to
PR5 on most pages ( even a lot of PR0's went to PR5 ), this weekend past. So
PR is good now.

Through the last few months , my rankings have not changed much, unless
going up. I have a load of top rankings for most all my keywords ... I have
no explanation ( same as most folks )

Hopefully everything gets back on track for you.

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Re: Frustrated Webmaster :(

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Thank you for your reply!  I am glad things are looking good for you :)
Thanks for the good wishes...I'll keep my fingers crossed!

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