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Frequency331000000 Hz Locked
Signal to Noise Ratio34 dB
Network Access Control ObjectON
Power Level-3 dBmV The Downstream Power Level reading is a snapshot taken at
the time this page was requested. Please Reload/Refresh this Page for a new

HFC MAC Address00:20:40:3F:60:7C

Upstream Value
Channel ID1
Frequency22192000 Hz Ranged
Ranging Service ID3772
Symbol Rate2.560 Msym/s
Power Level27 dBmV

0310171416287-InformationF502.1Bridge Forwarding Enabled.
0310171416287-InformationF502.3Bridge Learning Enabled.
0310171416287-InformationB518.0Baseline Privacy is skipped
0310171416286-NoticeD501.10TFTP, Unknown SNMP 30 82 00 11 06 0C 2B 06 01 04
01 8B 15 4D 01 03
0310171416287-InformationI500.0Registration Completed
0310171416287-InformationI0.0REG-RSP Registration Response
0310171416287-InformationI0.0REG-REQ Registration Request
0310171416287-InformationD509.0Retrieved TFTP Config File SUCCESS
0310171416287-InformationI117.1Modem Capabilities configuration setting
0310171416287-InformationD507.0Retrieved Time....... SUCCESS
************7-InformationD511.0Retrieved DHCP .......... SUCCESS
************5-WarningD520.2DHCP Attempt# 1 BkOff: 5s Tot DSC:1 OFF:1 REQ:1
************7-InformationD0.0DHCP CM Net Configuration download and Time of
************7-InformationT500.0Acquired Upstream .......... SUCCESS
************8-DebugT503.1Acquire US with status OK, powerLevel 27, tempSid
************8-DebugT505.0Acquired Upstream with status OK
************7-InformationT501.0Acquired Downstream (331000000 Hz)........
************8-DebugT509.0Acquired DS with status OK, DS Freq 331000000, US
Id 1
************7-InformationI510.0*** BOOTING *** SB4100-
0310170727337-InformationF502.1Bridge Forwarding Enabled.
0310170727337-InformationF502.3Bridge Learning Enabled.
0310170727337-InformationB518.0Baseline Privacy is skipped
0310170727336-NoticeD501.10TFTP, Unknown SNMP 30 82 00 11 06 0C 2B 06 01 04
01 8B 15 4D 01 03
0310170727337-InformationI500.0Registration Completed
0310170727337-InformationI0.0REG-RSP Registration Response
0310170727337-InformationI0.0REG-REQ Registration Request
0310170727337-InformationD509.0Retrieved TFTP Config File SUCCESS
0310170727337-InformationI117.1Modem Capabilities configuration setting
0310170727337-InformationD507.0Retrieved Time....... SUCCESS

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