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I want the best solution for search engines. I was trying to decide wether
to use frames to hold the nav -OR- create each page independant:

Here is the site

    - /

Let me know you thoughts. I have inserted some js To direct the default page
embedded within the frames.



Re: Frames

George wrote:
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do the latter, no contest

Re: Frames

This is as plain as you get HTML site, so the reason I chose frames was
because it presents a more steamlined interface, as there are no new
graphics downloaded each time a new page is drawn, w/ frames the whole
interface stays there while only the text is redrawn.

Would it be ok to keep the frames, but create a new frameset for each page
vs. how I have it now and loading the page into the targeted frame. Or
should I make a background image to mimic my current look of the interface.

Thanks for you help!

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Re: Frames

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Once someone visits your first page, graphic elements are downloaded into
the visitor's computer; so, when he/she will visit other pages, files will
be taken from his/her computer, not downloaded again.

Moreover, if you matter about how to change something (e.g. menu's links) in
all the pages of your site, you may use inclusion: you create a single file
with your menu inside, then include it in all your pages; so, if you want to
change something in your menu, you only have to change one file, then the
other pages will load it and show the changes you made.

Excuse my awful english,


Re: Frames

George wrote:

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Frames are no problem for search engines, as long as you use the
noframes section to provide them proper information.

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I see an empty noframes here, so no reason for search engines to put the
index.html in the serps.

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Well, I would call that misleading your visitors. They find a page with
information they're interested in through a SE and instead of getting
it, they are redirected to a default page.

In my opinion SE's should ban you for this: as a visitor it's Alt-F4 and
never return to this misleading site.

Redirecting visitors to a frameset is OK, but you should show them the
page they were looking for. And that can be accomplished with
JavaScript. You can find a good example on this page:


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