Foreign Yahoo's still using Google

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Not that it matters much, and I don't know if someone else might've already
mentioned this, but just thought to throw this out there.

The Foreign versions of Yahoo seem to still be using Google. Or at least so far
I can only guarantee that Canada Yahoo is still doing so, and well, with the
way my my site(s) appear on searches done on others such as Singapore, UK,
France and more..........I'd bet they're all still using Google.

I arrived at this conclusion after doing Advanced searches on Google versus
Advanced searches on the foreign Yahoos (while clarifying there, that the
results only be from my own domain(s)).
And well, the results were totally identical.

Beyond this, to eliminate the possibility that these were old cached items, I
did searches and found results for pages I'd put up only 2 days ago. Thus, it's
all very, very current.

Again, not that any of this matters much.

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