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I have been using google ever since it apeared as a search engine. It has
also been my homepage ever since. Suddenly this morning I connected to
internet, and my homepage displayed the following message:

Your client does not have permission to get URL / from this server.

Please see Google's Terms of Service posted at

If you believe that you have received this response in error, please send
email to Before sending this email, however, please
make sure to take a look at our Terms of Service
( In your email, please send us
the entire code displayed below. Please also send us any information you may
know about how you are performing your Google searches-- for example, "I'm
using the Opera browser on Linux to do searches from home. My Internet
access is through a dial-up account I have with the FooCorp ISP." or "I'm
using the Konqueror browser on Linux to search from my job at My
machine's IP address is, but all of myFoo's web traffic goes
through some kind of proxy server whose IP address is" (If you
don't know any information like this, that's OK. But this kind of
information can help us track down problems, so please tell us what you

We will use all this information to diagnose the problem, and we'll
hopefully have you back up and searching with Google again quickly!

Please note that although we read all the email we receive, we are not
always able to send a personal response to each and every email. So don't
despair if you don't hear back from us!

Also note that if you do not send us the entire code below, we will not be
able to help you.

Best wishes,
The Google Team



Did anybody else get this message recently? Shall I change my homepage? :)

Re: forbidden google

On Saturday 20 August 2005 09:52, Total Brain Delete wrote:

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See the message from yesterday, subject line "google - forbidden!?"

Perhaps it's no coincidence, but an accident. However, I now notice that
both of you (Total Brain Delete and wb-webmaster) are posting under the
organisation header CARNet, CROATIA. Is is possible that Google fail to
serve a particular IP address range? Maybe they denied it?


Roy S. Schestowitz        "Life is too short to proofread"

Re: forbidden google

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I saw the post from yesterday just after I posted mine...

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Thanks, I suspected that it could have something to do with carnet, but I
never checked it. I will try contacting them, but it seems this will be a
Googleless weekend for me!


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