For Sam and SEO Dave -Long post, had to get if off my chest

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I have been away for some time and noticed that you had both commented on a
contention I made re: some of the pages on our site and how we were listed high
on Google with few or no inbound links.
I have to tell you Sam, you offer a lot of advice on here but it is really
sounding fishy and despite all of your offerings I don't think I've ever even
seen you post a site that you are running or own or...whatever.  You seem to
have some pretty strange ideas regarding how to go about getting great SE

The only reason I felt obligated to even post this a week or so later is because
you (Sam) seemed to "call me out" in your posts and asked me to back up my
statements.  I noticed Dave made some posts and felt that I needed to at least
speak for myself and not have it look like I was backpeddling or hiding.

To get back to Sam's earlier post where you said:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Here are some of our pages within our site and where they come up on Google.  I
am in NO WAY a pro at this but we have done *something* right over the past year
or so.  What these pages have in common is keywords.  Used in the title, h1, h2
tags and the content of the page.
Also, unless I am mistaken, you misquoted me and claimed that I said our pages
that listed well had NO inbound links.  I don't recall ever saying that and if I
did I was will retract that statement.  What I believe I said was that I felt
our good fortune with Google had more to do with keywords, title,  etc than any
inbound links.

Here are a few examples:

Search term:  Hot Rox
Google LIsting #8 out of 93,000+ searches
PR: 4

Search Term: Mag 10
Google Listing #11 out of over 5 MILLION
PR: 4
Inbound Links: 6

Search Term:  6-OXO
Google Listing #9 out of 36,900
PR: 4
Inbound Links: 14

And the one I'm most proud of because I snagged this domain TEN DAYS AGO, put up
a cheesy site for it and have already taken the NUMBER 1 spot on Google and
taken in an amazing amount of business:

Search Term: Methyl 1-Test
Google LIsting: #1 out of about 5,000
PR:  0 but the domain is only 10 days old (check whois)
Inbound links:  0  (technically I'm on two "Top List" sites as of yesterday

IMHO, if *anything* is proof that one of the most important things (if not THE
most important) is search term in relation to URL, this site is that proof.

I can go on and post more pages from our site that have top 1-20 listings on
google but it's pointless.  I will grant you that most have some inbound links
to them from WITHIN our site but we're talking 10-20 inbound links.  To my
knowledge, none of our individual pages have incoming links from outside our own

I also recognize that some of our searches are for words or phrases that are not
common but what is "common"?   Compared to "travel" with 119 million searches,
"methyl 1-test" is feeble.  But "bodybuilding supplements" with over 600,000 is

And if the above doesn't illustrate that your point is invalid or at the very
least, not as important as you contend, the search "bodybuilding supplements"
shows us at #1 out of 666,000.  We have 182 inbound links.

One of our biggest competitors (who I won't even mention) is at #5 with almost
1400 links.

Like I said, I am NOT a pro SE optimizer and I wish I knew more.  But I am still
trying to learn and we've had some good luck with Google.  I wish I had 1/2 as
much success with MSN. You say we've been "lucky".  Maybe we have but it's been
very consistent.
At least I'm not on here constantly throwing out "ideas" with no proof of how
it's worked for me.

Mike Berg
Millennium Fitness


Re: For Sam and SEO Dave -Long post, had to get if off my chest

Mike Berg wrote:
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No time for this now Mike with what has happened since you've been gone.
Maybe when and if things get back to normal again.

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