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Ive had this idea of a google search engine where moderators add spam
sites to a kill list which cleans the results... kind of a dmoz editor
thing obly banning spam sites only!... how about 'knocking it up' (yes
i realise its a task, bit with PR searches from seobook being a nice
tool, it may be worth doing and publicising that you're 'cleaning up


Re: for google api hackers

Very good idea..
Like will costly and need many editors to doing that.
Anyone be a volunteer?


mark r wrote:
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Re: for google api hackers

lorento wrote:
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Ummm, I'm not to sure about that. If someone were to get pissed off
they could report someone for spamming when they were not and besides
isn't that what the site spamcop is about?

Another thing is that the project would be to large to handle unless it
is set up as a wiki site or something.


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Re: for google api hackers

Heck, id volunteer, smap sites are my major issue with Google - i'd
have thought that theyd be able to check sites for GOOGLES OWN CONTENT
- most of the spammy sites are just rips of googles listings with
adwords dropped on top :(


Re: for google api hackers

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OK, if someone's got a blacklist of spam sites, I could do this pretty
easily to run the Google output through a blacklist before displaying
it, speed and bandwidth might be an issue though if it became popular.

Given the API I knocked up for the SERP's tool (sig). Don't think it
would be allowed to query Google for long though before getting
blocked though.

Why don't someone like do this? I suppose there is a need
for a spam free search engine, even a meta search engine, but there
are lots of these already. The data required would be immens to
maintain, and if you were to do it for one search engine, it would
need doing for many.

How about just modifying....


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Re: for google api hackers

Darren Tipton wrote:
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Hi Darren.

How about having people add their keys into their account, so they use
the search via their api key? like what does?

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