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A friend of mine sells tshirts on the web.
At the bottom of his homepage, he has some links for some satellites pages.
But the text of these links is unreadable, because it's too small.

Moreover, these "doors" have a javascript redirection (not meta refresh)
after 30 secs, which redirectes to "news" page.

I told him that it wasn't a good way to optimize his ranking.
Could you told me if i'm right, or if these tricks are accepted by the
search engines.


PS : i don't want to give you the URL... i don't want his website to be
"spam reported"...



Re: Font size & redirection


Quoted text here. Click to load it

I don't see any reason for itty-bitty font size that is "unreadable"
for anything on a page except for perhaps the phrase "© 2004". I
don't think an SE will penalize for itty bitty font size but it is
really just silly on the person's part to waste time doing it.

About the redirecting - I would seriously reconsider this as Google
and Yahoo both demonstrated over the summer that they do not like this
by removing all the clients sites of a particular "SEO" company from
their index for using a combination of 4 tricks:
* doorway pages
* mouseover-redirects on those doorway pages
* link farming
* "invisible" links [only visible when contents of the page was

The following page was put up by Google about a week or so after this
big clean-sweep that had hundreds of sites removed in one or two days
on Google and Yahoo:

Then there is this page:
Where the first two "Quality Guidelines - Basic principles" probably
worth reading.

Yahoo, MSN, and others have similar help pages/guidelines for sites
they for folks to read.

Tell him that if he wants to share links to his satellite dish sites
to just do it without feeling the need to sneak around doing it. He
would get the same "benefits" by dropping the two 'tricks' even if he
had the links readable and without the redirect methods.

If being done for PR reasons - PR isn't the major ticket item like it
was last year or the year before - a PR3 site can land ahead of a PR5
site on rankings due to other factors and is not uncommon to see that
happening in the SERPs.

Also, links in the footer are currently felt, by some, to not be that
weighted - so if he was getting benefits from those links shared there
and in the way he was doing it - it was probably on the low end scale.

I won't touch upon the doorway pages as I always felt those were a
waste of time beign created just for ranking. Time spent on creating a
doorway page then uploading it - you could submit your link to a
directory site or something like that. Which is better: 10 doorway
pages you have spend time linking around to have those amount for
anything  - or 5 to 10 links from related or quality directory sites?
I'll take the latter any day of the week.


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