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Justin Koivisto wrote:

 > Sam wrote:
 > > How long has your site been listed high up using those anchor text
 > > urls? I tried that when I first started at google and it didn't
 > > work but that could be because my sites had 0 pr when I first
 > > started.
 > My site started at PR 0 in July. I got the link to the ie page at the
 > end of August (I don't think the anchor text has changed). I just put
 > up the globals page in the beginning-mid of October, and Google just
 > indexed it this last cycle.
 > The next one I am wondering about is:
 > We'll see where that goes, it's only a week old.

Well, I finally decided to check on that page to see how it was doing
(I've been ignoring it completely), and found a few #1 Google SERPS as
well as a handful of top 10. Surprizing since the PR is still 0 and
there are no links to it.

Keep in mind, there isn't any real SEO going on here, mainly just an
article that I had written for fellow musicians that I decided to post

checking bass intonation
check bass guitar intonation
set bass guitar intonation
set bass intonation

checking bass guitar intonation
check bass intonation

bass intonation

checking guitar intonation

bass guitar intonation

set guitar intonation
check guitar intonation

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