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I've lost patience and have now bowed to the demands of the florida update.
I am now in the process of weakening my keyword density so that my pages
will be allowed back in the serps for my main keywords.

I've noticed that my pages are now becoming more and more user-friendly in
terms of the readability of my sentences. So that's good AS LONG AS I can
still get some visitors here in the first place.

you can see which of your keywords were nuked here:


Re: Florida = Better Sites

Brothermark wrote:
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 You can try it but it won't make any difference either way to your site
coming back again. I'm getting pretty convinced this whole thing means
adding our websites (commercial ones) will no longer be free on the
internet and that's what this is probably all about. It would be bad
enough if it was a small fee to pay yearly but these guys are asking
approx a thousand dollars a month per url. Who the hell can afford that
except big business? It should be a real exciting internet in the years
ahead if there is an internet still around that is.

If I'm wrong about this then making those changes still won't help you
because google has something either blocked or screwed up and nothing
will change until they either unblock it or unscrew it up. you're
wasting your time making page changes. My best advice to you is forget
about what's on your pages and pretend this never happend and instead do
what you were doing before this happened, that is going after high pr
links for your urls. If google gets back to normal you'll do better if
you do that but if you let it go you'll drop for real if they come back
with normal results again. It's all you can do is business as usual and
hope things comes back to normal within the next few months. Figure by
January big google dance if there's no change then it's all over. I will
give it till then and if it doesn't change look for a 2nd job and give
up seo.

Re: Florida = Better Sites

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Sam, how did you come to that conclusion then?

Google makes a algo change 3 steps later the internet is a big PPC
campaign with no free search engines!!

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I'm not big business, but could afford that and would still make a
decent profit. Realistically though you must know google won't change
that much, they don't have to they are making a profit from Adwords

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Lets assume you are right, it's not that hard to make a snapshot of
your site today, make a load of changes and then if google suddenly
backtracks you are less than an hour away from getting the old site
back up.

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That doesn't help those with major businesses that rely on Google for
traffic. They will have to start thinking about the next few weeks
traffic and sales where historically a fair amount of the years
turnover can be produced. This might mean adwords or other PPC
campaigns so they don't miss the Xmas sales. Some will go bankrupt and
close over this!

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I'll remind you in the New Year when the current SERPs get worse as
Google tightens it's algos to remove what's left of the spam :-))

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Re: Florida = Better Sites

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Hi Mark,

I was thinking along the same lines (decreasing keyword density on a page
that is just too high). Then I realized that I am being whacked hard for
another keyword that has no no concievable over density anywhere on the

I dunno... what do you think?

I guess I will go ahead and reduce the density to a reasonable level for
keyword #1, because ultimately that's the smartest thing to do. I just not
terribly certain that this will do any good relative to Florida because of
the beating I took on keyword #2...

And so it goes...


Re: Florida = Better Sites

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interesting. I'm gonna just try it. Nothing to lose at this stage

Re: Florida = Better Sites

Florida=Better Sites?  Depends if you are researching or shopping.

I have studied the few competitors left in the top 100 for my keywords
and conclude the following: Google has "filtered" commercial sites for
my 2-word phrase, not by analyzing links or keyword related text or
density, but by looking for indicators the site is "commercial"

Let me explain. One competitor, who was ranked around #50, is now #5.
All other competitors, including me, are off the radar screen. What is
different about the #5 site? Well, they sell the same products, use
the same 2-word phrase, etc. What makes them different is 1) They have
no shopping cart 2) They make no reference to Visa, MasterCard, PayPal
etc. 3) They have no "How to Order" page 4) They simply instruct
customers to call them to place an order.

Thus, they don't really look like an ecommerce site because they lack
the normal ingredients of a commercial site. So my conclusion is
Google is filtering sites if they 1) Contain competitive keyword
phrases AND 2) they contain elements that indicate products or
services are for sale.

I think it is obvious they want searches to pull up non-commercial
sites and thus drive businesses to pay for Ad-Words.

Now, this is just my observation for my situation.  I know some
ecommerce sites still rank high, but they are an exception that
perhaps got overlooked in this round. But for a user using Google to
shop for my keywords, the results stink.

With Google's upcoming IPO I'm convinced "information" will be free,
and "ecommerce" business will pay for visibility (just as for any
other form of advertising). Remember that Google started as a dot-com
operating at a loss, knowing their long-tem business plan was to turn
a huge profit.  Well, now the time has come.  When they go "public"
they will exist to serve their shareholders, not the small business
trying to get visibility.

I expect to see a rash of new "information sites" that link (either a
real link or just a text reference) to the owner's ecommerce site
(kinda like those ads in magazines disguised as "news" articles).

Ed Parker

Re: Florida = Better Sites

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So, could we 'get around' this by placing any text, suggestive of commerce,
in a graphic, which the bot can't read?

I have a text link that says "Buy Now" but I could easily replace it with a
picture saying the same thing.

I suppose it would also be necessary to rename some pages/links. I.E. the
"Buy Now" text above links to a page entitled "product#1_order". I could
easily give that page/link a different name.

This all sounds too easy.

Bob Kochem
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Re: Florida = Better Sites

On 2 Dec 2003 13:49:33 -0800, eferg@aol.com (Ed) wrote:

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How many times are you going to post this post?

I count three times so far.

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