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Hi everybody,

I have been asked by a fashion company to create a site for them, They
have insisted on using flash (As a lot of fashion companies do) This
obviously has major SEO implications for the site.

I would be most grateful for any comments experience anyone may have
with this issue.

The only potential workaround I thought of would be a fake mirror site.

An index page would contain a hidden menu to say 6 sections these
sections would contain text hidden in css (the same text used in the
flash movie) and the original flash swf would be visible on each page.
This would be able to track words in the movie and there would be no
need for redirects etc.

Would this be considered surreptitious? I wouldn't think so as I am
only mirroring the content of the flash movie but hiding it on a page?



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It sounds do-able broadly speaking as there's no intent to deceive.
You aren't serving a flash site on one subject and delivering an html
site on another, so in principle I think you'd be ok.

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Flash is not that good at all from SEO point of view. Ofcourse you can use
anchor texts in IBLs etc, but it has it's limits.

Why fake a mirror site? If flash site is a must, just use same content for
"HTML" version too and let there be both. Many people are blocking flash
etc. (one reason being too much annoying flash adverts that use sounds).
Those people would benefit from HTML version. If not fully like flash site,
even visually dumbed down one with pretty much same content would do just

Re: Flash and Seo

On Sun, 4 Sep 2005 21:39:26 +0300, "Wrm"

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I agree, no reason for two sites for the same content when two
versions (flash and HTML) can reside on the same site space.


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