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OK, time for a really dumb question...

AWStats tells me what search terms people are using to find my site.

For , the top 10 are:
block caller id
how to pick locks
caller id block
how to block caller id
mac address filtering
caller id blocking
bios password
blocking caller id

But... I am already (fairly accidentally) somewhat optimized for these

The question is: How do I determine what keywords I *should* be optimizing

Does that make any sense?

I've played with the Overture Search Term Suggestion Tool.  What I think I
am missing is how to use that data.

My site is a bit different than most here, because it is (99%)
non-commercial.  I'm not selling anything.  If I was selling something, I
think I would know what my relevant keywords were.  They would be the
terms people punched in when they were looking for those products.

For this site, it is not so important what people are looking for when
they visit.  The site exists only to entertain and educate.

Some basic SEO has taken the site to PR5, ~700 unique visitors a day, and
a listing for the term "Hack FAQ" above one of my competitors who
"borrowed" a considerable amount of my work without crediting me.  Now I'm
ready to take this to the next level, and I think part of that is figuring
out this "keyword" thing.  ;-)

Does it make sense to optimize for the really competitive keywords?  I'm
trying that in my keywords meta tag and it doesn't seem to have much
effect, if any, on Google.

Looking at my AWStats output, my traffic seems to be driven by fairly high
rankings in dozens of very low-competition keywords.  Is that normal?

Any suggestions from the pros?


Re: Finding your keywords

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Take a look at for starters


Re: Finding your keywords

It is easy to miss critical keywords - ask people in your target group what
they might use in a search engine - you may be too close to your service to
know what the obvious ones might be -  then try those searches and
variations of those searches in Overture Search Term Suggestion Tool.  Also
try the lateral search in the trial demo of Word Tracker.

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