file name length: Optimum

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I am curious if anyone has experience as to the optimum file name length.  I
know on some operating systems it length ranges from 64 characters to 256.


Re: file name length: Optimum

On Sun, 29 Feb 2004 18:22:37 GMT, "Articus"

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Different browsers have different limits on URL length. Best I can
tell from a brief Googling...

IE: 2083 chars (2048 in path -

Netscape: unlimited (31k in Win3.1)

Others: I don't know.

Keep in mind that Google only reads the first 100k of each page. Other
SEs will have their own limits. Long URLs will increase the size of
your pages, possibly causing some information to be overlooked by the
SEs. They will also make for inflated bandwidth usage, reducing the
efficiency of your server and possibly impacting the user's
experience, especially if you gain the multitude of users you must
want if you are trying to increase your SE presence. :)


Re: file name length: Optimum

Amiga (OFS, FFS)
32 letters, no specialties
Amiga (FFS, SFS)
Variable, max. somewhere 100 to 200, no other limitations

Atari (old)
8.3 scheme, recent versions somewhere 200

MS-Dos / Dos-Win (FAT8 ?)
8.3 scheme

Fat12, Fat16, Fat32 (Win95+)
somewhere 256 ?? I'm not sure, never tried beyond 104

somewhere 256? See above

ReiserFS (Linux)
Loooong =) (Unsure, I have a script that makes names with 104 letters
length, it worked flawlessly)

XFS (Linux)
See above

EXT2 / EXT3 (Linux)
See above

Uhhh..... Quite long filenames I remember.

A fist-formula from systems-design:
8 letters is to short, 1000 is to long. The maximum filenamelength that
makes sense is "about one remarkable sentence", thus about 30 to 100
letters. Longer names make sense mostly for automated systems or databases.

Articus wrote:

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Aries Quitex
Advanced Architecture - OS3.9 & GeForceIV =)

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