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Since search-engine queries yield many (often irrelevant) results, any
keywords which both narrow-down the number of search results, and
enhance relevancies are valued.

Adding specific keywords within search-engine queries can not only
narrow-down search results, but may infer emerging trends in any
subject matter.

For example, if keywords like "trend toward' and/or 'becoming
more' show-up in sentences within online content, these keywords can
be inferred as a departure from "normal semantics"; which may
signal emerging trends on any topic.

In other words, authors of content usually mention keywords like,
'trend toward' and/or 'becoming more' subconsciously. As a
result, a search-engine (with the appropriate keywords) may become the
closest thing to an unbiased "crystal-ball"; and hence important
tools e.g., tools for GOOGLE ANSWERS researchers can be applied.

Example-A search-engine template:

Adding the current, or even previous month (In advanced search, use
listings of web pages created in the past three months) in the search
query (example notation typed as "June, ** 2005" to include
specific dates) infers up-to-date content.

Enter desired search terms in the search-engine template. Some of the
results are astounding!

--Content that mentions "trend toward" and/or "becoming more."


RESULTS: Entering in the keywords 'becoming more' and/or 'trend
toward' as parts of search-engine queries lists search-results; may
infer content which signals growing industry / professional
developments, as well as the public zeitgeist. In some cases, search
results yield specialty websites that are fee-only and even restricted
access content. In some cases, content that mentions the words 'trend
toward' and 'becoming more' aren't necessarily of tangible

The examples of keywords like 'trend toward' and/or 'becoming
more' are two of several examples of keywords which may be valuable
for trend-spotting.

Can the GOOGLE ANSWERS service benefit from researchers using such
robust trend-spotting strategies?


Re: Fees for researchers-- willing to search for 'hard-to-find' answers .e.g, GOOGLE ANSWERS Service.

justobservant@hotmail.com wrote:
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EXAMPLE: Here is a link from search results; with keyword/phrase
'Content Manager' inputed into 'search-engine' template. Managing
website layout, and content in one project is becoming more of the
rule, and less of the exception. The main discussions in these
newsgroups are proof that content has always been king!

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