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Are you still hunting for customers?
By Margaret M. Smith

Please allow me to introduce you to one of my most famous sayings,

"Hunting is for fools who've never heard about bait!"

And I'm not talking about "bait and switch" tactics here either.  The bait I'm
speaking about is providing good products and services at fair prices coupled with
excellent service and great incentives.  Give your customers more than they expect
and they will beat a path to your door.  In other words, attract the customers to you
instead of attacking them and bombarding them with sales paraphernalia, etc.

Internet marketing campaigns today can best be described as "attack" programs.  It is
commonplace to flood the market or "bombard' the customer with numerous ad
impressions using any of the Internet marketing systems available today.  And a good
many of these ad impressions have some very questionable offers contained in them
too.  In other words, they contain too much hype and not enough substance and today's
customers have become very wary and savvy to these tactics.  Stay away from the hype
and just give the customers the gold.  Be truthful with them and honest in your
approach.  Later on in this chapter I will give you some ideas to try.


All of this notwithstanding, it is our philosophy not to "attack" the customer but to
"attract" the customer to you and this is what we will teach you and it is the most
unique and rewarding training you might ever receive.  This chapter is going to
change your life!

Attract messages are considerably different than attack messages.  The human mind
responds swiftly when it perceives it is being attacked with a "return to sender"
mentality that refuses to even consider your offer.  However, attract messages are
readily embraced and considered just as swiftly and acted upon.  

Please notice I used the word "perceive" above.  Remember what I said earlier: the
conscious mind "sees" reality for what it is but the subconscious mind "perceives"
this same reality and perception can be quite different than reality.  All human
behavior/action/conduct stems from the subconscious mind so perception rules!  The
art of sales is all about how the customer perceives your product, your company and

But attracting new customers is no an easy task.  We know; we've been marketing on
the Internet for over ten years.  If we had just one small thin dime for as many
times we've heard. "I do my best but I can't seem to make any money on the Internet,"
or something to this effect, Bill Gates would be our butler!  But please allow me to
introduce you to another one of my most famous saying,

"Doing your best is not enough; you must do what is required!"

Somewhere along the line the world began to teach people that it was good enough just
to do your best.  This is the devil's lie people because it gives a person an excuse
to blame and blame is a useless concept.  

In this chapter I am going to teach you how to attract customers.  I will make a wild
assumption that everyone is already pretty good at attacking them.  You will quickly
see that I will use just about every concept I have taught you so far in formulating
this comprehensive marketing strategy.  So first, I will lay the ground work…

My company's online business employs three successful websites; both of which are
integral parts that make up the "attract marketing" concept:

FeederDirect.net (http://www.feederdirect.net ): The online terminology that best
describes FeederDirect.net is called a "feeder" program.  

A feeder program is a "customer acquisition" vehicle designed specifically to attract
customers into an online marketer's business.

Once the customer has enrolled, the online marketer's job is to use the contact
information provided with each enrollment (name, email address and phone number) and
begin to build a relationship with the customer first by interviewing the customer to
determine his/her goals, financial ability, expertise, resources, etc and then by
helping them achieve success by assisting them in getting started in Internet
marketing.  This is what becoming an "upline" is all about!

Once these goals have been determined and a relationship established the online
marketer formulates a plan that introduces whatever programs/products he/she is
presently promoting to the customer so he/she actually feeds the customer into these
programs.  The program presented is determined by the interview.  For example:
someone with little online marketing expertise and financial resources is not a
candidate for a program such as "Emerald Passport" which costs approximately $1500.

It is important to note that a feeder program must be low in cost and offer little or
no risk.  It must have high perceived value and worth and a big incentive to get the
customer to act.  In the customer's mind, there should be no downside to enrolling in
a feeder program.  PLUS, the feeder program must ALWAYS give the customer more than
he/she expects!!!

With this said, let's see how FeederDirect measures up.

1.    Low Cost/Little or No Risk:  FeederDirect.net only costs a monthly fee of $10.
There is no buying decision evoked at anything under $10.  The customer perceives it
to be of little or no risk.

2.    High Perceived Value and Worth and Big Incentive:  The incentive is the
subscriber's reward for working with their downline subscribers and providing good
upline service.  Plus each downline is required to pay their upline a monthly fee of
$10 for training.

3.    No Downside to Enrollment:  "Low Cost/Little or No Risk" coupled with "High
Perceived Value and Worth" equals no downside.  In the customer's mind, he/she simply
cannot lose.  Even if the leads suck and the book puts them to sleep; the website is
written in Swahili and the Back Office requires an IT degree in electronics, he/she
only paid $5 so in the customer's mind he/she is not committed and there is no risk!
THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!  A feeder program must never cost more than $10, otherwise,
psychologically speaking, a buying decision is required.  If this occurs, enrollment
will drop off and the very purpose of a feeder program becomes negated.

4.    Give the Customer More Than He/She Expects:  It is important to demonstrate to all
of your customers your commitment to their success, whether it is in their online
business or in using your product.  There are two aspects to online marketing:
customer acquisition and customer support or service.  In other words, you have spent
a good deal of time, money and expertise acquiring the customer; now what do you do
with the customer once you have acquired him/her?  Pay very close attention to this
aspect because they are subconsciously watching you to see if they receive what they
paid for and if you are going to follow through in their best interests.

iPowerDirect.net (http://www.ipowerdirect.net )  IPD provides almost $250 in products
immediately at sign up, which include 100,000 optin email leads (a $99 value) and a
200-page reference ebook called the "iPowerDirect Internet Systems Guidebook" (a $147
value).  The customer also receives their own website complete with a Member Back
Office.  The incentive offered is $500,000, which is paid when they achieve 10,000
subscribers.  IPD is a management platform that is fully integrated with the other
two platforms.  When used to its fullest potential, it can manage multiple online

FreeMarketingSuite.com (http://www.freemarketingsuite.com ):   FMS is one aspect
involving the customer support part of the equation that I have been speaking about.
It is a one-stop free marketing platform for all types of Internet marketers, from
newbies to seasoned veterans and everyone in between.  It works in conjunction with
iPowerDirect.net insofar as it provides everything necessary to market IPD, which in
turn garners the customers that are then fed into the member's existing programs.  It
provides a training platform too that teaches each member everything they need to
know to effectively use everything offered in the marketing suite.  Both entities are
symbiotic and synergistic and when combined attract customers by the bucketful.

Now the member quickly realizes that they are garnering two types of customers using
the IPD.FMS programs:

1.    Internet marketers or HomeBizOp seekers.
2.    Regular customers that are only interested in purchasing products.

Each member must put in place two types of customer service programs directed toward
each customer.  Both IPD and FMS provide the organizational tools to not only market
effectively but also provide the necessary customer support and service.  As the
member's business grows, these tools quickly become a godsend in controlling all
aspects of their budding online empire.

Okay, now let's talk about "attract-type" of advertising…

Good examples of attract advertising are ads that evoke curiosity and/or tell a
story.  We call this narrative advertising.  Many years ago I was going down the road
in Los Angeles and looked up at a billboard.  There was a picture jammed to the right
side of the billboard of a tomato hitting the floor and splattering all over
everything.  On the bottom of the billboard in big black letters was the word "SPLAT".

I remember thinking about who would be dumb enough to put up an expensive billboard
that didn't sell anything.  The following week I noticed the billboard once again but
now it had a picture of "Bounty" paper towels on the left hand side.  Now it made all
the sense in the world and I quickly realized how effective an ad campaign it would
become.  The sales of Bounty paper towels shot up like a rocket and all because that
campaign evoked a ton of curiosity.

In closing, feeder programs, when used properly offer value and worth to anyone
seeking a home-based business.  

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