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I am interested in placing listings on PPC "search engines" other than Overture.

Feedback on the others?( Kanoodle, Findwhat, etc)


Re: feedback on other PPCs

There'a a new game in town that you might want to investigate before
you blow a wad of money on PPC engines.

First of all, no matter how you slice it and dice it, you're going to
pay quite a bit of cash to have as much traffic as possible sent to a
single location. We also recognize that the PPC isn't the real issue,
it's the CPS (Cost Per Sale) that is critical.

Instead, what if you could place multiple copies of your Web site on
Web sites that were already getting high traffic, and the cost was
less than PPC engines now?

Is that possible? Come and see.

Best regards,
Michael Murray

On 1 Sep 2003 18:04:42 -0700, (Bruce) wrote:

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Stop fighting the "Top 30" battles, use other people's traffic!
Put your Web site on high traffic Web sites.

Re: feedback on other PPCs


I have a question Mr Spam the newsgroup to death.

Why would anyone pay you $0.25 plus extortionate setup and monthly
fees etc.. per unique visitor who clicks on what is basically a
Macromedia flash banner advert?

What's so great about your service, especially when (if I read all
your spam correctly) you have to find the high traffic sites your self
to put the links on!!

How is this different to making yourself a flash banner ad hosting it
on your own server (one ads bandwidth going to bankrupt us, not) and
find sites to link to it?

Or even better skip the banner ad, get a text link instead with your
keyword in the anchor text, this will give your site both traffic from
the linking site and boost in Google. The flash banner ad won't give a
boost, since google doesn't read flash.

Where your site says patent pending, what's the patent application
number? I find it hard to believe there is anything unique and
patentable in a flash banner ad! I've seen similar ads all over the
place for ages.

BTW PR0 for your site doesn't say much for your understanding of
Google. No wonder your spamming newsgroups, you don't know how to get
a top 10 listing in Google.

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