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I just sent this out to my list and thought I'd share this with you
guys =)
I apologize if this comes accross as sp*m as it is not my intentions...


This is Myleena Phan, the creator of the AC Fetcher software
that you bought a while ago =)

As you may have noticed, I never emailed you or anyone who
purchased my AC Fetcher software because I am really picky about
promoting products, especially when it comes to Internet
Marketing programs.  I would never endorse something that I am
not ***absolutely*** fond of or that I do not personally use

But this time I have come across this new and exciting opportunity
that I just can't keep to myself! I promise it will only take a
few minutes of your time to read this but please do, as you will
really be missing on something if you don't.

If you're a little bit like me, you have come across all of
those website/portal builders and maybe you even bought a few of
them just to find out that they all miss a little something or
that they produce crappy keyword-stuffed pages doomed to be
banned by the search engines sooner or later.

In my years of website publishing, I have never come across
something as powerful as this one:


Auto Content Publisher has all the features you could only dream
of, and the developer is currently adding new components right
now. Here is a drilled-down list of its  exciting features:

- Automatically and gradually pull content-rich, relevant
articles and add them to your site - in the correct category (or
even subcategory!);
- Lists new pages separately from old one so that search engines
know exactly when the site is updated (and where the new pages are);
- Creates snippets of your articles;
- Creates and updates RSS feeds for you;
- Creates your pages in any extension you need ((htm, html, php);
- Visitors can submit articles - AND search the ones already posted.
- Is completely template-driven.

You can also check an option to create an author's directory
that will list all the articles from the same authors and... did I
say "automatically"?

Some of the future options include auto-creating and updating of
Google sitemaps (which I use extensively to get my pages indexed
faster) and one that is not to be missed: Auto Blog and Ping!
(This function will auto post to a Blogger, WordPress or MovableType
blog - Kind of like the well-known RSS2Blog but without the need of
a second piece of software).

You really must do yourself a favor and see the demo website!
Try some of the features and you will be absolutely amazed at
what Auto Content Publisher can do - and what it WILL do very soon.

When I first read the pre-launch sales page, I did not think
twice and ordered Auto Content Publisher right away. I already
created 4 sites with it and they look very professional, human
maintained, not like the other keyword-stuffed pages created by
some other page generating machines.

I emailed the developer a few times with questions and he is
really quick to respond and very open to suggestions. Stellar
customer service, I would say!

Words cannot describe this robust piece of software (well, in
fact, it is a script, not a desktop program) so I urge you to
click this link now to see a real site in action!


Hope to see you in the users forum,

P.S. The developer said only 1,000 copies will be sold so hurry up
before the seats are all taken - You will kick yourself if you don't.

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