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Is there an FAQ for this group?


Re: FAQ?

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I tried building a general advice page based on contributions in October but
despite some initial enthusiasm I only received a few contributions.  The
result is at Anyone is welcome to link their
web site to this page, send me more contributions, amendments etc. and I
will try to incorporate with a link back as requested. eric@satsig.net
Best regards, Eric

Re: FAQ?

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This is one of those groups that probably wouldn't benefit much from a FAQ.

Unlike HTML (from a web design group), facts about your favorite author or
tv show, or tips and tricks in a programming group... search engine
optimization is constantly changing.

What might work today might be totally ineffective if the search engine(s)
in question change their algorithm...

Not to mention there is quite abit of speculation and theories about what
does and doesn't work... so you would have to wade through alot of crap as
to what does and doesn't work

Then ofcourse there is the fact that only 1 site can be #1 for a search
term... that means that say you had Joe and Bob come in here and both are
doing websites that sell pet supplies.  Joe's site is ranked #1 in Google
and Bob comes in and asks about his site and what he can do to get up there
in Google...  Is Joe going to risk losing his #1 spot to Bob by helping him?
If Joe offers advice, would Bob believe anything he has to say?

That last part is only a small part, but it would be why some people would
never contribute to a FAQ... I think the first point (that search engines
are always updating and change their algorithms from time to tome) is the
biggest point that would make a FAQ almost useless for this group

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