Fantastic news ... Thanks to everyone !

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My site is finally getting indexed by google. Up to 14 pages now out of the
150+ i have....

I am at #1 & #2 for my main search phrase ... and Yahoo is #3 ! ( must have
done something right i guess ). It's a fairly competitive search phrase with
over 500,000 results.

I'm at #389 for my second search phrase out of about 2,010,000 results. This
all seemed to happen in the last 2 hours. for some of the more obscure
phrases I've got a lot of top 15-20's as well.

I know I will get juggled around like crazy until my site gets fully indexed
and settles in, but is this not a good start ?

Thanks to everyone here for all the fantastic information along the way.
Keep it up as I intend to keep on reading as much as possible.


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