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Updated Structural & Link Adjustments: Family History & Genealogy

Instructions for use of Country - Nation Area Index
at Ancestor Roots Information has been updated.

  (1) Wikipedia=AE articles have all been supplemented by credible
      documented sources from primary and secondary data links:
      - Country Civil Registration
      - Country Culture
      - Country Documents [government or reliable agency resources]
      - Country Libraries and Museums
      - Country Online Encyclopedia References
      - Country Research Guidance
      - Country Studies from Global Web Sites
      - Country Travel Information
      - Country Universities: Education
      - Country Vital Records
  (2) Links correctly categorized by patron interests:
      related to all of the family group unit affairs of life.
  (3) Title inclusive of all links within the realm of
      genealogy, from the quality and standards
      perspective of worldwide higher educational
      institutions and their educated colleagues;
      other related constituencies outreach, by
      effective use of digitization and the Internet.

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site, please email us and report any 404 - Not Found,
broken, changed, inappropriate, misdirected, new, outdated
or undiscovered pertinent genealogy and family history links.
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What's New in Genealogy & Family History Resources?,
has some samples of updated link adjustments, such as
Cyberspace When You're Dead, from the Magazine section
of  Also, two Google Realtime searches,
allowing views of [up-to-the-second social updates, news
articles, blog posts], set to various personal interests, like
surnames, or other family related hot topic connections.

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