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I would like to know how to make my google results have more then just
the sitename come up my extra links.

EX.    you type in nbc         nbc.com  comes up and then there are
extra results below that,  shows , contact us  eg..

I tried to my make my sites SEO friendly but still no luck

my first is   www.astawerks.com    which is running   OScommerce

my second site is   www.indyguide.info  which is running

What am I doing wrong?   Thanks

Re: Extended Search results

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You're not doing anything wrong. The links you're talking about are called
sitelinks & they are only shown for particular searches / sites.

http://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py?answer=47334&topic=8523 )

They only show sitelinks when several pages on the site are equally relevant
to the particular search query. Google's algorithm determines whether or not
sitelinks are shown for a particular site / query.

By the way, I checked out indyguide.info. I was curious because I also own a
directory which focuses on indie musicians, artists & writers. Looks OK but
there appears to be something wrong with your template, as the directory
structure is appearing way down the page, to the right of the sponsors /
ads. I guess you probably know that. If you get it fixed, please let me know
& I'll gladly link to you from a couple of my sites.

all best,

Re: Extended Search results

Thanks Denise.  I actually changed my template last night.  It seems
that my old template only worked with  firefox.  Internet explorer
displayed wrong.   The new template works well with both.   take a
look at it.

what is your stie?  i would also add sites to your directory.

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Re: Extended Search results

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indyguide.info looks terrific now ~ !

My directory is www.indiecoffeehouse.com
It's a SEO-friendly PR5 free directory (we'll offer a paid featured option
shortly) focusing on indie music, arts & lit

And, stupid me, I submitted it to your directory yesterday with the wrong
URL! how embarrassing!
(I grabbed the wrong URL from the drop-down list.) If you added it, can you
change the URL to www.indiecoffeehouse.com? :-)

Thanks so much!

cheers ~

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