Excluding a word INCREASES hits!

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Probably a dumb misunderstanding on my part, but this is puzzling me.

If I use Google Advanced Search for the phrase, "no sound" on a site
"www.magix.info" I get a search
"no sound" site:www.magix.info
and it delivers 533 hits.

If I now want to exclude any of those hits with 'musicmaker' or
'samplitude', I edit that to
"no sound" -musicmaker -samplitude site:www.magix.info

But that INCREASES the hits to 58,500!

What's going on here please?

Terry, East Grinstead, UK

Re: Excluding a word INCREASES hits!

responding to
1-script.com wrote:

Terry Pinnell  wrote:

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Google is no longer the search engine you've come to appreciate 14 years
ago :) In fact, they are not even A search eigine anymore, at least Amit
Singhal keeps saying that hoping it will absolve him from the
responsibility to develop better search functionality.

Over the last three-four years they've pretty much become an entertainment
engine if you will. If you were doing a re*search*, then a negative answer
would have been a valid answer indeed, but it might just turn you away
from using more of their services. What they do instead is provide what
they think is alternatives to what you were searching for to keep you
enterntained and keep you on their site. It's almost impossible to get a
"not found" answer from them anymore.

In your case I think what happens is: they try to provide as many resutls
as possible (never mind the correctness in the strict logical sense) - I
would say it's most likely disregarding the strict phrase match in the
quotes and is only giving you the results of the negative ones (and even
an OR between them, too). So, you're most likely just getting the entire
count of indexed pages for site:www.magix.info

Even then, its hard to trust any result count numbers by Google because
they were caught exxagerating their numbers before (when they were still
competing with other SEs) and even if they report it correctly, you never
know what the proper results are padded with to keep you entertained.

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