Exactly the same result for "Google Search" and "I'm feeling Lucky" ?

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Re: Exactly the same result for "Google Search" and "I'm feeling Lucky" ?

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Thanks for explaining.

...and then sometimes, you just want to know...

First I've enhanced your query a bit:


(with "results 1-48 of about 51", containing 3 non-'Google Result'-pages;
where your result list had results "1-67 of about 79", but contained lots of
non-'Google Result'-pages)

I also realised that Google sporadically seems to save results;
but what triggers this ?
Google digests more than 200 million queries each day, and these queries
lead to billions of results but only 43 results are somehow saved by Google.
Why are these results special ? And this list doesn't seem to grow, it
changes a bit over time, though. (i'll make an rrs-feed to check this; and
it might also be intresting to wait for the next Google-dance to see what
will happen)

So, while this list of saved-'Google Results' is only 43 entries long, i've
checked them all to form the ultimate list of 'argument-strings with these
unique features': (i just *had* to know ;-)

parent-directory "appz" mp3
problems with usps postmaster
lisp .net c
create poster powerpoint
create poster latex
little brown church ia

...but the following are no longer a saved-'Google Results'

(which proves that the list changes)

disco clipart
muppet cow clara

So now we know all Google queries with unique features.
Except..there's also:

www2.google.com (saved-'Google Results': 2, unique features: 0)
www3.google.com (saved-'Google Results': 0, unique features: 0)

So finally we know all Google queries with unique features.
But...ehh, then you have the Google Local Domains;

Don't confuse them with the various Google interface- and search-languages;
You can have (dutch example):
(default google-site, interface dutch, search english language)
(default google-site, interface english, search dutch language)

But for this exercition i'm after sites like: www.google.nl
(Check: http://www.google.com/language_tools for all domains)


Currently, there are 54 local domains and i've checked them all;
in fact i created a html-file with all the sites in inline-frames. (check:
http://www.xs4all.nl/~phuesken/googldom.htm )

...and the results are:

google.ae (saved-'Google Results'(sgr): 9, unique features(uf): 0)
google.at (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.be (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.ca (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.ch (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.cl (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.co.cr (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.co.hu (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.co.il (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.co.in (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.co.jp (sgr: 1, uf: 0)
google.co.kr (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.co.nz (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.co.th (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.co.uk (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.co.ve (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.com.ar (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.com.au (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.com.br (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.com.co (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.com.do (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.com.gr (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.com.hk (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.com.mt (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.com.mx (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.com.ni (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.com.np (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.com.pa (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.com.pe (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.com.pk (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.com.pr (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.com.py (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.com.ru (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.com.sg (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.com.tr (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.com.tw (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.com.ua (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.com.uy (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.com.vn (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.de (sgr: 2, uf: 1) pornstar 3d - hail to the beef preview
google.dk (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.fi (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.fr (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.gl (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.hn (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.ie (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.it (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.kz (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.li (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.lt (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.lu (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.pl (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.pt (sgr: 0, uf: 0)
google.nl (sgr: 1, uf: 0) vriendschap staartmeesjes *
*) this query *had* the unique features,is gone now; but is still in
Google's cache ;-)

So now we know that with a total of 56 saved-'Google Results' over all 57
Google domains, only 7 queries have the unique features. (and 3 other
queries had them, but lost them)

Remains the pressing question why some of the Google Results are saved?

Peter Huesken


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