European Quantum Conspiracy -- Final, Ended, Complete!

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Europ=C3=A4ische Quantumverschw=C3=B6rung -- Finale, das Beendet Wird,
La Conspiration Quantique europ=C3=A9enne -- Final, Termin=C3=A9, Compl=C3=
Europeisk Quantum Sammensvergelse -- Endelig, Sluttet, Fullf=C3=B8rer!
La Cospirazione di Quantum europea -- Finale, Finito, Completa!
Europese Quantum Samenzwering -- de Finale, die Be=C3=ABindigd Wordt,
Conspira=C3=A7=C3=A3o europ=C3=A9ia de Quantum -- Final, Acabado, Completa!
=C2=A1La Conspiraci=C3=B3n europea del Quantum -- Final, Termin=C3=B3,
=D0=BE=D0=B2=D0=BE=D1=80 -
=E6=AC=A7=E6=B4=B2=E7=9A=84=E6=98=86=E8=85=BE=E9=98=B4=E8=B0=8B --A2=

Letter to DreamingWoman of Four Directions Tribe

[letter cut in half by browser)
[see 2nd-half at the bottom!]



DreamingWoman, Sisters, Brothers,
GrandMothers, GrandFathers,
all our relations,

you hold this space, this peace, this quiet,
that I may speak.

that I might hear ThoughtWoman's voice, and relate
the words which I comprehend of HER song.

the cult of the white people, the Eagle, Science, Civilization
of which I speak has always denied the existance of Mother
Spider, of Mother Turtle, of Manido, of all creation, of all spirit.

the Quantum Mechanics conspiracy I speak of began a century
ago after science had become clear in its vision of light, of
electromagnetism -- and had discovered the two forms of
matter, the electron and the proton.

I am trying to recall the name of that hard candy of many
colors from the mid-20th century North America -- came
in a roll of many colors, each candy was donut shaped!

what the European scientists did was to insist that all
matter -- electrons, protons and the neutrons and
atomic nuclei (and atoms) which are made from them --
to insist that all matter was made of bits of different
colored energy 'candies' so to speak.=C2=A0 of a limited number
of colors (or spectrum or wavelength).

they insisted that light was made up of these few colored
candies -- energies or 'sugar-fixes' -- and also all matter.

further, they insisted that we could not look at these
candies -- only consume them -- and further that to
look at these candies (and the electron, proton and
nucleus) would be blasphemus against their 'god' and
would get you ostracized from your career or society,
or perhaps end you up in the penetentiary.


computer glich here -- browser mailed this instead of saving
as a draft!


continuing ...

the truth of Creation's song -- is in the shape of a snake
or corkscrew of light (electromagnetism) of any and all
colours -- which makes up all the 'rivers' and all the
peoples of the cosmic wilderness.

some of the songs and choruses are as large as galaxies
or smaller than a proton within the nucleus.

most of the songs come and go, wax and wane as
does GrandMother Moon.

yet a few of the songs are recorded or captured, as
those hard candy donuts, and go to make up the electrons
and protons, and thus neutrons and nuclei of all the
atoms ... and thus make up all molecules and material

I do not need to explain the difference between spirit
or song -- and energy or sugar or matter -- to those
listening here. between a walker of the spirit road,
and a New-Ager who thinks enlightenment is a
candy bar.

the Chinese would call it the difference between gong
and chi.=C2=A0 Chi (energy) being a local circular 'river' channel
of the body -- and Gong being the ten times greater
river of the divine cosmos within and upon which we
swim, breath, dance and (ourselves) sing.

the sickness of the scientists was to create a world church
of physical abuse/domination dependent on a theology
of fear.

with the returning of the Sister/BrotherHood of the
Eagle and the Condor -- the re-ascendance to equality
of the feminine and nurturing -- the reconnection of
a planetwide family --

the knowing of HER song has returned --

and the vision of harmonious living,

in the greatest chorus,

including ALL our ancestors.
Millennium Twain

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