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Re: Ethics & SEO

Philipp Lenssen wrote:
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I wasn't arguing with you and was just trying to explain it to you. It
seems you can dish it out but you can't take it.

Re: Ethics & SEO


My last check of your old seo site shows it practically doesn't even
exist anymore in google.

R.I.P. Search Engine Optimization ntlworld sob sob.....

Re: Ethics & SEO

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The comments that ADD something and are on topic I don't think anyone
has a problem with.

However - given the backlink examples provided by the SERPs
competition on this group - it seems to illustrate the fact that many
do not add "to the conversation" but the person just plugging an URL.

Example one: a man's page about the birth of his son - within a span
of 3 to 5 minutes there are two separate series of comments, on
separate dates, that were posted. One series was your own work using 3
separate signings to the site - none adding anything on topic or
intelligent. The second series followed your example but limited
themselves to one super long string of keywords shared then, in the
second signing less than 2 minutes later, at least took the time to
congratulate the guy about the birth of his son. Out of 5 "signings",
only 1 would count to being "on topic" and the rest are not even the
ball park of remotely adding anything of worth TO that man's page or
being remotely on topic to what that page is about.  

I fail to see how the strings of keywords shared about phone sex,
optimization, or, in the other section, fake IDs - among the FEW
listed - were a benefit to that man's page.

Example two: yahoo groups link page where it seems too taxing for
"pauline" to even fill in the title line for the link being shared.

I beleive it is the above two methods that people may be using to back
their comments or thoughts of where it is badly applied or misused
thus appears to be spam and nothing else.  Sure, the other people may
be signing to share an URL - and create another backlink to their site
- but if their comments are on topic then I don't think others would
overly criticize.


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You claim to hate posting [to guestbooks and blogs] - yet seem to
share about doing it often. I have read posts since November from your
side offering to share lists and such; which would seem that you do
devote time to this method to the point of trying to organize where
you been to and where you may go next. Then keeping an eye to see
which ones paid off to organize those as well.

If you didn't need to use guestbooks and the like - and never did need
to rely on them as a means to get onto "an even playing field" then
why did you use that technique in the SERPs 'competition'?

I could see 2 maybe 5 at most for the excuse of getting the site
indexed or such - but for someone claiming to "hate" doing it and not
needing to do it ..  seems - on my side - quite the opposite is true
by at least 200+ times [and this isn't including pages where the same
person signed more than one - but just 'self-supplied' link backs].

If you really don't need to rely on spamming guestbooks and the like
with non-relevant stuff just to share a backlink to get decent
placement in search engines ... then why did you -without pausing for
a breath - write the following?

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If you have the time to spend looking around for guestbooks or blogs
comment pages that have PR4 or above; why don't you use that
information to get more links by asking the site for a link exchange?
Don't tell me it is due to adult content thoughts - because that
apparently wasn't a factor when signing many of the places used for
the SERPs competition thought as some of the keywords randomly listed
were related to phone sex and such thoughts. But on the other hand, it
seems one would spending time to seek out those sites to begin with so
why not try to get a link placement that is not buried in some inane
flooding of keywords, over-filled with links, or on pages within the
sites abused by others?

I thought the more links on a page, the less benefit to the URL linked
from that page - due to how PR would be divvied out to all the URLs.
So actually increasing the amount of link backs, if using this
blog/guestbook spamming method, to get a PR3 or PR4 site to PR5 or PR6
or whatever due to the PR diluting happening along the way. So in a
way - creating more work in getting the site to move up in PR

Do you have any theories or thoughts about out-bound links from sites
- in terms of sharing links, voluntarily, to other sites [ie a PR3
linking to a PR7 or PR8 site]? I have read some vague comments that
this reportedly helps the site sharing those links - particularly if
the link you share is to a high level/PR site.

Re: Ethics & SEO

Sam wrote:

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If you even have to pose this question then ethics are something that
is way beyond you. Sam, I seriously think you are some sort of
sociopath. I am not sure how old you are but at this point if you don't
understand the concept of ethics, then you are truly lost.

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