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Shanghai, China, home to the new company, and his name is ZUOER. Specificity
for the whole of Shanghai's 6.7 million residents smoke machine cleaning the
kitchen, and further refining waste oil for biodiesel. Environmental
protection resource conservation.
In Shanghai, have each owned a kitchen range hoods. If washed once every two
years. Fumes from the oil-an average of 1 kg. Using alkaline detergent not
only hazardous to health, but also directly into the sewer effluent oil,
serious pollution of water resources, a waste of renewable energy sources.

ZUOER Shanghai is China's first to use the physical cleaning of sewage
collection and production of bio-diesel oil private enterprises, each a fume
cleansing function was 50 yuan in service charges, but also get one kg of
waste oil. If this action in your investment help to succeed. 100 individual
can give employment status, can be collected each month to 6,000 kg of waste
The entire project needs 200,000 US dollars funds required for five years.
Section 3, 50% of the principal also started, five years to 50% of the
principal also, at the 2nd repaid. 18 per cent dividend for the year.
Clearing the annual dividend payment.
Hope that with your help, you and I together for a profit.
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