Email marketing software?

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Apologies for this being off topic, but there isn't an email marketing
newsgroup and I assume a lot of you Search Engine people will have
experience with the various email marketing packages out there.

I'm investigating email marketing software at the moment and looking
for recommendations. Budget is up to $10,000 or so for software, or
$500 a month for an externally hosted solution. The best product I've
found so far is Lyris but the enterprise version which offers the
feature set we require is a lot more expensive than we were hoping!

Major requirements are:

Detailed segmentation (unlimited custom fields, and detailed
segmentation by behaviour)
Triggers/scheduling based on custom user date fields
SOAP API (in the case of hosted solution)
SQL Server backend (if software solution)
Detailed reporting/charts
Frequency limits
Any way of automatically synchronising data with another database would
be a huge plus

Doesn't sound like a lot but I'm really having trouble finding a
package which does all of this in our price range. A lot of packages
seem to fall down on the reporting aspect. Does anybody have any
suggestions? Packages I've looked at so far are Intellicontact,
Emailreaction, Lyris and ConstantContact.



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